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| [[File:Switch 2.jpg|400px]]
| [[File:Switch 2.jpg|400px]]
| [[File:Switch.jpg|400px]]
| [[File:Switch.jpg|400px]]

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In this entry we show how to get started in Trixbox, the initial settings and first steps.

But before, we talk a little about what is Trixbox and what we can do with it.

Trixbox is an operating system distribution that has the distinction of being a telephone exchange (PBX) software based on open source Asterisk PBX. Like any PBX, to interconnect a company's internal phone and connect the telephone network.

With Trixbox we are many features including:

First Steps

Once installed Trixbox and once they load, we going to be in this section that asks us to connect us with the server. Will ask us for a username and password, by default is: root Login / Password: password (or select one if you set at the time of installation).


After that please select the IP that are show it.

Trixbox log.jpg

After that paste this in your browser.

IP Browse.jpg

Once we're there, we will log by clik in "Switch" Then you must log in, the user/password by default are: maint/password.

Text1 Text2
Switch 2.jpg Switch.jpg
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