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     N matches any digit from 2-9
     N matches any digit from 2-9
'''A few samples for how to set your rules:'''  
'''A few samples :'''  
     A local 7 digts number: NXXXXX  
     A local 7 digts number: NXXXXX  
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[[File:Exten 3.jpg|400px]]
[[File:Exten 3.jpg|400px]]
'''Recording Option'''
* '''Record Incoming''': You can record all the incoming calls for this extension.
* '''Record Outgoing''': You can record all the outgoing calls for this extension. 
'''Voicemail & Directory'''
* '''Voicemail Password''': This is the password used to access the Voicemail system.
* '''Email Address''': The email address that Voicemail are sent to.
* '''Pager Email Address''': Email address that shorts Voicemail notifications are sent to.
* '''Email Attachment''': Option to attache Voicemail to mail.
* '''Play CID''': Reads back callers telephone number.
* '''Play Envelope''': Envelope control whether or not the Voicemail system will play the message envelope.
* '''Delete Voicemail''': If set yes the messages will be deleted from the voicemail box (after having been emailed).
* '''VM Options''': Separate option with pipe (|)
'''Outbound Routes'''

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In this entry we show how to get started in Trixbox, the initial settings and first steps.

But before, we talk a little about what is Trixbox and what we can do with it.

Trixbox is an operating system distribution that has the distinction of being a telephone exchange (PBX) software based on open source Asterisk PBX. Like any PBX, to interconnect a company's internal phone and connect the telephone network.

With Trixbox we are many features including:

First Steps

Once installed Trixbox and once they load, we going to be in this section that asks us to connect us with the server. Will ask us for a username and password, by default is: root Login / Password: password (or select one if you set at the time of installation).


After that please select the IP that are show it. And paste this on your browser.
Trixbox log.jpg IP Browse.jpg

Once we're there, we will log by clik in "Switch" Please log in, by default the user/password are: maint/password.
Switch 2.jpg Switch.jpg



Now we are in the main Trixbox interface, here is where we will see an overview of our system. To begin configuring your Trixbox with our account go to the PBX section >> PBX Settings.

Trixbox inter.jpg

Once you get in, please go to the trunk section and then please select the trunk of your choice, SIP or IAX2.

Trunks 1.jpg

Now we are in the SIP Trunk Section.

SIP trunk 1.jpg

Only the first matched rule will be excuted and the remaining rules will not be acted on.


   X mathes any digit from 0-9
   Z matches any digit from 1-9
   N matches any digit from 2-9

A few samples :

   A local 7 digts number: NXXXXX 
   Toll-Free numbers : 1800NXXXXX
   There are a few samples , you can set all your rules in the outbound routes section. 

Trunk Out.jpg

   ; nat=yes ; uncomment if behind nat
   secret=johnspassword ;your password
   username=100000 ;your account
   ; allow=g729 ; uncomment if you purchased g.729 from Digium
   fromuser=100000 ;your account

Register String.jpg

   You can select one of our different servers: 
   Atlanta, GA:        (
   Chicago, IL:        (
   Dallas, TX:          (
   Houston, TX:        (
   Los Angeles, CA: (
   New York, NY:       (
   Seattle, WA:        (
   Tampa, FL:            (
   Montreal 2,QC:    (
   Toronto 2, ON:     (
   Montreal,QC:       (
   Toronto, ON:        (
   London, UK:          (

Then you gonna submit your change.

Remember to apply all your changes click on "Apply Configuration Change"

Config change.jpg


Now let's create an extension,these are very important, as they are an important peace to make and receive calls.

Just on the left we have all these options, please go to Basic >> Extensions and once we are there goes to "Add Extension". And then you can select your device type.


So then we gonna start to configure our first extension.


Extension Options

   10 seconds are 2 rings 
   15 seconds are 3 rings
   20 seconds are 4 rings 
   25 seconds are 5 rings 

Assigned DID/CID

Device Options

Exten 3.jpg

Recording Option

Voicemail & Directory


Outbound Routes
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