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The Importance of VoIP for Customer Service

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The Importance of VoIP for Customer Service

No matter the size of your business, quality customer service plays an integral part in the overall success of any organization. Without proper customer service, there is no chance that your organization can thrive in this cut-throat business environment. A group of happy, loyal customers can become the deciding factor between the success and failure of your organization.

That being said, one way to offer improved customer service experience to your new and existing customers is by enhancing the way you communicate and connect with them. VoIP can help you achieve better customer service and can make a positive difference when dealing with customers. Following are some of the benefits that can offer to improve customer service.

1. Mobility and Flexibility

The use of VoIP business phone system within the organization allows customer service executive to work from almost anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Customer service agents no longer need to remain at their desk and take calls from customers. Employees can for instance connect their work phone and/or mobile phone and leverage the ring group feature which allows them to have all incoming calls redirected to different destinations that are included in the specific ring group configuration. This way, all devices in that group will ring at the same time until one of them is answered. Read more about this feature in the following Wiki article:
In addition to this, offers a call forwarding feature, this simply means that when a call is made to a specific employee's work phone when she/he is not present in the office, it will automatically get forwarded to her/his mobile phone. With the call forwarding feature, no calls go unanswered and it can drastically reduced unanswered call percentage. Read more about this feature here:

2. Analyze Call Data

By using VoIP, it becomes easier for any business to keep track of how many calls were received during a typical day, how many calls were received during a particular time slot (for example – calls received between 12 PM – 5 PM), etc. All of this information can help business managers plan accordingly and thus improve its customer service strategies in order to better respond to its customer demands. In addition to this, businesses can also track the details about how long the call lasted and closely monitor these KPIs (average handle time, average after-call work, etc.).

3. Answer More Calls

With VoIP, businesses get access to numerous advanced features like calling queues. This feature allow businesses to have many calls on hold and queued calls in a First In, First Out order until an agent becomes available... read more here:
Another interesting feature is time conditions, this allows businesses to route incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the call. This feature let businesses specify the hours at which employees are available to answer calls (for example, non-business hours during lunch time from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm). All the incoming calls received during that specific period of time could be routed to a recording and/or go directly to a voicemail. It could also be routed to an additional IVR menu or be forwarded to a specific phone number... to read more about time conditions, read the following Wiki article:

4. IVR

Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), businesses can provide instant resolution to their customers’ queries. With this feature, businesses have the ability to offer a pleasant welcoming message and provide a well-structured menu that will help the customer get in touch with the desired company department. Using the choices as directed by the IVR, customers can be directly transferred to the most appropriate employee extension, who can assist the customer with its request... to learn more about the benefits of an IVR system, read the following blog article: or visit Wiki to go through the step-by-step to set up your own:

The various advantages of VoIP can definitely raise your customer service to the next level. Still doubting? Reach out to our sales team at let’s discuss!


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