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The Evolution of Microsoft Teams and the major role of Cloud PBX integrations

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The Evolution of Microsoft Teams and the major role of Cloud PBX integrations

Dear blog enthusiasts, you will find below a guest blog article from one of our partners: Vodia, a carrier-grade multi-tenant Cloud PBX.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

As Microsoft describes it, Teams is a hub for teamwork. The platform makes it so people, both inside and outside an organization, can actively connect and collaborate in real time. Teams users can have a conversation right where the work is happening, coauthor documents, hold meetings or work together in other apps and services. Teams is part of Microsoft's "commercial cloud" category – it began as a group-chat platform, but Microsoft has turned it into an OS-type product by extending its capabilities and features.

The Expansion of Teams

The use of Teams just about doubled in the past year, which Microsoft said Teams had 75 million daily active users; in April of this year, there were 145 million. There’s a good chance you’re using it right now, as it’s become the norm, with everyone from smaller tech companies like Slack and Trello using it to airlines like Air France and Qantas. Here on the ground, NASCAR is using Teams, too. It has become the go-to platform for organizations looking for the most effective and productive way to manage the challenges of the hybrid office.


Don’t Leave Your Office Telephone System Behind

For a long time, IT departments were wary of undertaking the necessary migrations to make remote work and hybrid offices possible, but with the pandemic and the shift of entire teams away from the office, it’s become a top priority to make it so an organization’s telephone system can accommodate working from anywhere.

It’s also become a top priority to make it so an organization’s telephone system can integrate flawlessly with Teams, so as to enable true hybrid and “from anywhere” work. This is where Cloud PBXes integrating with Teams makes it so all of your solutions are in one place, including your telephony, by moving everything to the cloud.

Native Integration with Teams for All of Your Devices… And for All of Your Extensions

A Cloud PBX integration with Teams turns any mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC into a VoIP client employees can use for their everyday communication needs, from anywhere, anytime. The Teams user becomes an extension on the phone system and can pretty much do anything an extension does.

By leveraging Vodia’s Cloud PBX, you can use your own SIP trunks like our friends at, for incoming and outgoing calls to and from Teams users, and you can mix Teams and non-Teams users; if your organization has some Teams extensions and some extensions that aren’t connected to Teams, they can still be part of the same phone system and share the same features, including call transfers, forwarding and voicemail. And you can call Teams users from any SIP device, including desktop phones and overhead paging devices.

Users with non-Teams desktop phones will still ring, as will all Teams devices, and outbound Teams calls can be made from either device. Users without a Teams account in the company can call Teams extensions, receive calls from Teams extensions and transfer between other extensions. Especially now that so many employees are remote or hybrid, users benefit from how easy the Vodia Cloud PBX makes it to mix and match Teams and non-Teams users – it also supports various attended and unattended transfers, all triggered by individual users’ VoIP phones. Special modes are available to transfer calls to and from mobile phones, so calls to and from desktop phones aren’t lost.

Keeping everyone connected is the best way to share crucial information and to help everyone collaborate and achieve their individual and collective milestones.


Keep Your Existing Phones

Whatever phone you’re using will work well with Microsoft Teams, and Vodia. The whole ecosystem easily interoperates with the industry’s best IP phones and endpoints, including, but not limited to, Cisco, Fanvil, Flyingvoice, Gigaset, Grandstream, Htek, Panasonic, Poly, Snom and Yealink. If you wish to learn more on what Vodia has to offer, you may visit their website at


For more information, visit us at or sign up now
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