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The Benefits of a Pay-as-You-Go VoIP Provider

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The Benefits of a Pay-as-You-Go VoIP Provider

Should you stick to your fixed monthly cost phone provider or instead opt for an affordable and flexible Pay-as-You-Go “PAYG” VoIP provider? Maintaining a traditional phone system with a fixed, annual contract can be quite a costly option. Yes, a contracted service definitely has its own benefits like predictable monthly billing, but it is certainly not the best option when it comes to overall spending.

For most cases, opting for a cloud-based VoIP service is a better option. Following are some of the reasons, why businesses should consider getting this type of plan for their business VoIP requirements.

1. Add Phone Numbers (DIDs) and Features as Per Business Requirements

Is your business in need to upgrade their phone service? With a Pay-as-You-Go feature offering, it is fully hassle-free. You have complete freedom and flexibility to gain access to the services your business need when a requirement presents itself. This is especially important for businesses who are expecting bursts of growth under short delays. You only have to pay for the services that you are using currently. With Pay-as-You-Go, there is no need to pay for something that is not required by your business.

2. Additional Phone Choices

Some providers tie your business to a contract and insist on providing specific phones to use along with their service. Such things can quickly add up to the cost of availing VoIP services. However, most of the pay-as-you go services can be used with any device and phone, as long as they are SIP-enabled devices and being unlocked. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why we are a Bring your Own Device company… so that you can choose whatever device or phone that fits your needs.
We are on a constant mission to establish as many partnerships as possible with device providers to ensure full compatibility and seamless customer experience. Take a look at some of our recent partnerships with Grandstream:, Yeastar: and Synway:

3. Features

Another added advantage of Pay-as-You-Go plan is that you have great features that your business will leverage without paying extra, and if there is the case that a feature has a side cost it will be considered on a pay-as-you-go model as well. This means that, let’s say you have to use the audio conference feature but it is something you don’t do regularly, you will only pay for the time you made use of this feature instead of contracting another service that you don’t take full advantage for the cost. This way you have big benefits at a low price. Take a peek at all our features right here:

Wrapping Up

Long-term contracts at times can prove to be more costly as compared to the Pay-as-You-Go model. This is especially important for businesses who are just starting out and cannot afford to pay a heavy amount on their phone bills. It’s also advantageous for big businesses since generally internal calls are free of charge (at least, with us!) and it can also definitely be less costly than having PRI lines with landline providers with a contract, paying an extra for features, etc. With the Pay-as-You-Go model, you get high flexibility at a very low price.

Be in full control of your costs with Take a look at our Pay-as-You-Go U.S. rates here: and Canada rates here:


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