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The Benefits of Ring Groups

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The Benefits of Ring Groups

A Ring Group provides businesses an effective way to receive calls on different devices simultaneously. Businesses normally make use of ring groups to efficiently distribute incoming calls within different departments, by the guidance of a digital receptionist (IVR), to Accounting, Sales, Tech and Customer Support for example. When a customer calls a customer support number that is linked with a ring group, all of the devices linked within the group will start to ring simultaneously.

Using a ring group, a business gets the ability to ring up to 8 devices at once as well as being able to include up to 4 call forwarding numbers in the group while configuring the duration of the ring per each entry.

Ring Group Scenario

For instance, suppose a small business, who only have six employees in total, sets up a ring group with all of them included. Whenever an incoming call is received, all of the six extensions will start to ring at the same time, so employees have the same opportunity to answer the call.

Benefits of Ring Groups

1. Increased Efficiency

Businesses can assign the ring group directly to their number (DID) or to their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to reach a specific group of people which would have their phone ring at the same time. This helps to increase the efficiency of your employees and ensures the best possible customer service.

2. Reduced Waiting Time

When a customer calls to get assistance from customer support and wait for his call to be answered by a single representative, he can be on hold for quite some time, or worst, drop the call. With ring groups, businesses not only reduce the call drop ratio, but can also reduce the waiting time for customers - as anyone within the group who is available to take the call, will answer it immediately.

3. Accessibility

With a ring group, you can include up to 4 landline or mobile phone numbers that the call can forward to, which means greater accessibility and mobility for your employees. For example, an employee can easily work from home by simply adding her/his mobile phone to the ring group for the day. So, with ring groups, employees don’t have to be at their desk all the time!

You can set up your own Ring Groups by following the steps in our Wiki article:


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