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The Advantage of VoIP for Small Business or for Entrepreneurs

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The Advantage of VoIP for Small Business or for Entrepreneurs

The biggest misconceptions of VoIP are that many people still believe that this phone system technology is ideal only for big businesses. However, this revolutionary communication technology has many features that small business and entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Switching over to VoIP offers many different benefits over legacy phone systems. Following are some of the prominent advantages of VoIP for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

1. Cost Effective

The operating cost for VoIP is much lower in comparison to the traditional phone companies. The cost-saving potential of VoIP is immense. Being an entrepreneur or a small business, the major concern is always to save every penny possible to keep the business sustainable for a longer duration of time. Small businesses do not have to worry about long distance calls, maintenance, and expensive equipment, as all the data traffic and voice is integrated into one network.

2. The abundance of Useful Resources

Voice over IP is not just a call making technology. In addition to receiving and making calls over the internet, also provides features like voicemails, audio call conferencing, callerID filtering, ring groups, and much more. One of the features to highlight is the IVR (virtual receptionist) when you are a small business looking for investors or when customers start reaching you, the IVR feature will make you look serious and professional. The best of all is that almost all our features are free. (learn more about the IVR feature on our Wiki at:

3. Hiring Virtual Employees

Not all the best employees available in the market will be accessible near your physical offices. It is important that you hire the right talent, who can bring much value to the business. With VoIP you can expand your search and create a pool of virtual employees, that can work remotely and be accessible all the time. All they need is a good internet connection.

4. Portability

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you are always hustling to make the name for your business. This means that you are always moving from one place to another, but at the same time – you need to be in touch with people whenever they need you. VoIP allows you to stay connected with your business partners and employees all the time. It makes possible to receive and make calls from multiple devices, ensuring that you are always connected with people on the go. It also makes easy to transfer calls to different employees or colleagues without the need of your customer calling another number.

Another great advantage is that when you start growing, increasing your lines is easy and you can do it on your own in our portal. Also, you may experience moving offices, the fact that you can have mobility without a technician to unplug and then plug in all your telecom will also make it easier.

5. Statistics

When growing your company whichever the concept is, you may want to have statistics on everything you can measure, and with your communication strategy you would like to have reports to achieve your next goal. When you have a VoIP account you can monitor all your specific sub-accounts usage by minute, quantity of calls and amount spent by period of time, etc.

VoIP is a powerful service with great features, choosing as your telephony option makes perfect sense, whether your company is expected to stay small or is fated to grow into an enterprise level business with employees and locations across the globe, the service can adapt to quickly changing needs and situations.


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