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Disclaimer: Talkswitch Fortivoice System is not 100% guaranteed to work with The following
configuration is the result of several real tests and feedback from our customers. This is by far the most reliable
configuration that we have been able to acquire. Please follow the instructions as explained and contact us if you
have any additional information or questions.


Configuring TalkSwitch for VoIP Service

This guide will show you how to set up VoIP service.

When you open an account with, we will provide you with account credentials information. Use this information to set up the service provider profile and VoIP numbers on your TalkSwitch system.

Setting up a service provider profile

1. Select the VoIP Configuration page.


2. Select a Profile (SP 1 to SP 4) that you wish to assign for FortiCall.

3. Select the Activate Profile checkbox.

4. Under Service Provider select Manual Setup.

5. Click the Update Configuration button. The essential settings will be completed automatically.

Disable public IP address substitution leave this unchecked. Check Register with authentication username. Check Enable NAT Keep alives (You can keep the default NAT settings) Codec Options: Here make sure to select only the codec supported for (g.729 and g.711u). And if you have enough bandwidth you should select the g.711u as Preferred codec.


Provisioning Details

Configuring Outgoing calls with

Voip number outbound (3).jpg

Please enter your Main Account SIP userID as shown in the screen, this is required as this section sends the correct information required from our servers on the INVITES:FROM which will be the userid, if you don't add this record the Talkswitch will be sending the number (DID set) instead and this will result in continuous 'deregistrations' = registration dropping.

Username and Password

Note You can only use the main account for outgoing calls, this is due to the Talkswitch system not supporting
the Underscore on the sub accounts.

Configuring Incoming calls with

Note: You don't need to purchase a DID number for outgoing calls. The VoIP number is used as your CallerID number.

Voip number inbound (3).jpg

Here you can set the callerID number that you want (or your DID number if you want to receive incoming calls), you need to enter the number filling in the 3 fields.

Note: If you are planning to use more than 1 number with us, as you may know Talkswitch requires you to add different accounts for 
incoming. You can use the sub accounts in this section, however on the customer portal you will need to set the sub accounts for IP 
authentication and you will have to contact us in order to set all the sub accounts to the same IP address (currently the configuration 
will require different IP addresses).
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