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Where would be a good section to add tips/tricks/FAQ? For example, if you specify a BUSY or NO ANSWER voicemail destination on a DID, that voicemail box will override the voicemail assigned on an IVR sub-account destination if no one answers --3rdparty 23:10, 25 April 2011 (EDT)

A Guide to VOIP.MS

For someone who doesn't know the lingo, site is totally opaque. You should publish a guide that explains the language, and a simple wizard to sign someone up for an account. -- FraidyMan 14:38, 11 May 2011


A softphone doesn't need to be a desktop (or even a laptop) PC. There's an app for that (SIP phone) on both Android and iPod. It may be possible to use devices like iPod Touch (which aren't 'phones, but do speak wi-fi) as cordless 'phones by installing softphone apps and registering them to servers. Same form factor as a cellphone, so very portable. The least expensive Android device might actually cost a few bucks less than the least expensive purpose-built IP desk 'phone. Softphones#SIP_Droid will run on under-$100 of hardware and is free, for instance.

Could the "softphone" section of this article be edited to suggest the 'droid as a platform? This page is protected. Carlb 09:52, 27 April 2013 (EDT)

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