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These instructions appear to apply to the 'Grandstream HandyTone HT802', just fine, too.

(Websites: HT702 Product Page, - broken. Try ?)

Websites: HT802 Product Page

Help / Support: Grandstream Support

Re: "Please go to your Graphical user interface and go to 'Advanced Settings' tab and look for "Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning" and disable it. " - more details as to how to do that would be useful. There are many on the page. e.g. If setting 'Automatic Upgrade:' to no (which appears to be the default) does it, say so here.

I (purchased 12/9/16) appear to have received firmware, current appears to be Firmware server path comes as '' and per web page should be ''. I ended up upgrading firmware via local download, so don't know that merely changing the web page works - e.g. Change web page, upgrade once, set automatic upgrades off.

The current graphic is: (a) too small, e.g. can't read dial plan to apply it (perhaps a text dump would be useful). Default dial plan is: '{ x+ | \+x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+ }' - useful to note on this page so the reader can go back to defaults if something not working; (b) quite a bit different from the 802 one.

If you send me a destination, I can send 802's config pages.

Note the current graphic shows DNS mode SRV, but text afterwards says use A - should update graphic. (I followed the graphic, got to text later.)

"If you see that the Phone 1 LED (or phone 2 LED, depending on which FXS port you've configured our service for) is a solid green color, then your unit is configured and ready to make calls." - the 802 does not have the 'traditional' lights. Here, there are individual lit symbols for each phone. (See the web page.)

I've only just gotten / configured the 802, but initial tests to/from vm appear fine. For the wiki - it's a start.

--BillS 04:18, 10 December 2016 (EST)

Further to the above ...

I found when calling the CRA that tones were not getting sent to their IVR, despite having applied the 'Preferred DTMF method:' settings per the wiki page. Reviewing the settings now, I note immediately below those settings, 'Disable DTMF Negotiation:' - set to No as per the wiki page. Setting it to yes ['Yes (use above DTMF order without negotiation)'] appears to have resolved the issue.

BillS 11:21, 21 December 2016 (EST)

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