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It would be useful if this page made reference to, or used examples of, incoming toll free and outgoing toll, both local and long distance. I would guess that this is the more typical use case, at least of DISA.

If there is no difference in cost between going out to a local or long distance destination, then so note - although, perhaps, only needed on the page containing the referenced link.

I expect this costing example would be applicable to several wiki pages, thus a link may be the most appropriate way of handling this.

Second call?

It would be useful to note if, or how, second calls can be made, or whether one must hang up and disa in again.

e.g. Suppose I call in, *97 for voice mail, then want to continue with the line and make another call. What is necessary to do that?

Flash or blind transfer wouldn't seem to be useful / make sense here. What does?

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