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Although filters and usage scenarios are well explained here, the steps to apply those filters is not evident here, unlike other articles.

So, for example, the usage scenarios are given, but not how to implement them. Screen shots of the did settings, and assigning a filter, would be useful.

In particular, the reason for my coming to this discuss page, how does one implement multiple filters? e.g. suppose one wants to have family cause all home extensions to ring at any hour, but if it is the in-laws calling send them directly to voicemail. No one pattern could cover all in-laws, so it would be useful if it were noted that only one pattern can be used, or how to effect multiple filters.

Added later: OK, I see my problem - unlike all other features, callerid filtering is not applied or indicated in any routing areas. In hindsight, this is obvious upon trying, and re-reading this article. However, for the new reader this is not particularly obvious.

So, could an example with multiple filters be added to this article? It would make the answer to the above question self-evident.

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