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Configuration Details for the Taki Softphone on a Blackberry

Taki for Blackberry

Step 1: Start the Taki App

Step 2: Once the Taki App has started, "Accounts" tab will be open to start the configuration.

Taki Settings

Step 3: Fill in the information according to your account.

Your Name: John Smith (Your CallerID Name or Description)

Username: 100000 (This is your SIP/IAX Main Username showing up in your customer portal)

Password: *********** (This is your SIP password, you can verify it from the customer portal)

Domain: atlanta.voip.ms (Please use one of the multiple VoIP.ms servers)

Step 4: Click on "Save" button.

Step 5: Your softphone should be ready to make calls.

Taki Settings

Additional Information:

Click on "Dial" tab. Type your destination phone number and press "Call".

Use "Contacts" tab to call contacts from your address book.

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