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tSIP is a one-man dedicated project throughout multiple years of development and updates, free for anyone to use. The softphone on top of being ultra light offers many features like hold, redial, flash, BLF among other options for you to use.

You will find a step by step below on configuring tSIP with VoIP.ms

Configuration Details

  • 1. Download tSIP at https://tomeko.net/software/SIPclient/index.php?lang=en
  • 2. Once downloaded, open the ZIP file and extract all the files.
  • 3. Open tSIP under tSIP, tSIP_0_3_01_bin (name may change depending on the version).
  • 4. Go into Configuration, Settings, SIP account option and fill the following information:


  • a. SIP/registration server: Set the VoIP.ms server you wish to register to. For a list of servers available, click | here
  • b. User: Set your 6-digit main account username or sub account.
  • c. Password: Set your main account or sub account password.
  • d. Registration Expires: set it to 60
  • e. Display name: This solely works for Canada to pass your own name. If you are in the United States, you can update it from your customer portal under DID Numbers, Manage DID and pressing the black action button on the left side of your DID


  • 5. Press Apply. Application should show “Registered” state after a second. Proceed with making phone calls.
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