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Assuming that your account is active and your DID has been chosen, you may follow the steps below:

1) Verify that the DTMF mode is set to "AUTO" in the portal. To do so, log onto portal, head over to Main Menu → Account Settings → Advanced and select "AUTO".
Positron - DTMF.PNG
2) Make sure that you have your account username, password and server address. In case of doubt, you may find your username and server address in the Main Menu → Portal Home and under Main Account Registration Status.
3) Go on the Phonesuite PBX Voiceware in order to add all the information needed.
4) Give the trunk a name and the following information of your account:
  • Device Name: Enter your account Number
  • Secret: Enter the password used when creating the account (same password used to log into the UI)
  • Username: Enter your account Number (same as Device Name)
  • Insecure: Invite
  • Host: There are many hosts available, check UI for nearest host
  • NAT: Checked
  • Register?: Checked
  • Usable as Trunk: Checked
  • Channels: 99
  • Credentials: Click "Same as Above"



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