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Synway, as a world-leading VoIP enabling-technologies provider in China. has been specialized in providing superior Multimedia Gateway, Integrated Multimedia Switch, Telephony Hardware in use for Telecom communications.

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Configuring your Synway UC200

Assuming that your account is active and your DID has been chosen, you may follow the steps below:

Environment: UC200 - Router LAN - Router WAN -

Set up Network

DNS must be required to analyze the domain if the UC200 box is in the local network.

The default interface is LAN.

Synway LAN.jpg

Create SIP trunk

1 Write your account information in the Username, Outbound CallerID Name, Outbound CallerID Number fields.

2 Select external_lan as a profile.

3 Write your Trunk IP/Domain of your account information.

4 Write your account password.

Synway 2.jpg

Setup outbound route

1) Select- PBX – Trunks – Outbound Routes

2) Click ADD

Synway 3.jpg

3) In the "name" field write: ToVOIPMS

4) Write your dial patterns

5) If you have extensions select them to the outbound call

6) Select the Trunk for the Outbound route

Synway 4.jpg

7) Select a password for safety if necessary

Synway 5.jpg

Setup inbound route

Select- PBX – Trunks – Inbound Routes and then click Add.

Fill in the spaces as you see in the image below.

Synway 6.jpg
Synway 7.jpg

Manage DID settings

Sign in into your Portal, select “DID Numbers”.

Click the yellow button that appears in the “Actions” column to edit your number.

Synway 8.png

Select the server as the same used in SIP trunk registration.

[[File:Synway 9.jpg]|thumb|none|600px]]

Reference of the same server used on the Synway portal.

Synway 10.jpg

Call test

On your Synway portal dial extension on UC200 - SIP trunk - route back to UC200 - extension 1000

Synway 11.jpg

To see if your call tests came through.

Click CDR – Call Detail Records and if they appear you have correctly configured your UC200 device.

Synway 12.jpg

Guide links

In the event where you need the guides directly from Synway, you may find the user manual guides and the datasheet below:

User manual: Download PDF

Datasheet: Download PDF

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