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The professional D7XX Series telephones are both aesthetically appealing and highly practical, meeting business requirements when a telephone is a key tool in daily work. These high-performance devices are future-proofed and provide the best in Wideband HD audio, ensuring crystal clear sound quality. They are Bluetooth compatible to meet the connectivity requirements of today’s offices.

While the screenshots used for this guide were taken from a Snom D735, the steps and configuration apply for the Snom IP phone models:

  • D120
  • D717
  • D735
  • D785


Accessing The Web Interface

In order to configure the Snom IP phone to be used along with our service, it is required to access it's web interface settings. For this, the IP address of the device must be acquired.

To perform this click on the "Settings" button of the phone. Once on the settings menu, go to: " Information " , then select: " System information ". On this section, you'll need to take note of the IP address shown beside: " IP Adr ". It should read back something as: " ".

Once you have the IP address please open a web browser of your preference and it's URL bar enter the IP address you got by prepending: " http:// " and access it. Once accessed, you'll be prompted to authenticate. The default administrator password is: " 0000 ".

Identity Settings

Once logged in you'll be presented with this screen:

D735 Home.png

Here, please navigate to: Identity 1. Once on this page, please fill these fields as follows:

Login Information

  • Displayname: The name you wish to pass when calling out
  • Account: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Password: Your SIP account's password
  • Registrar: One of multiple servers, you can choose the one closest to your location
  • Outbound Proxy: The same server used above for registrar server
  • Authentication Username: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Mailbox: *97
D735 Login.png

Once done press the: "Apply" button at the bottom. Then, head to the: " SIP " tab. Here, fill these fields as follows:

SIP Identity Settings

  • Dial-Plan String: ^.$
  • Proposed Expiry: 300
  • Subscription Expiry: 300
  • Failed Subscription Retry Time: 300
D735 SIP.png

Once done press the: " Apply " button at the bottom. Then, head to the: " RTP " tab.

RTP Identity Settings

Here, leave only the following text on the " Codec " section:

D735 RTP.png

Finally, press the: "Apply" button on the bottom and then the: "Save" button at the top. If you're prompted to reboot the phone please do so. When all these steps are taken & fulfilled the device will be ready for use.

D735 Save.png

If you experience any issues or find anything you'd like to contribute with please don't hesitate to contact us.

TLS encryption

In order to use these devices with encryption, besides having to enable the SIP account in your customer portal, there are some settings you will have to modify in your device's configuration.

Transport and port

At the Identity menu >> Login, modify the following values:

  • Registrar: Add the port number designated to TLS (5061, 5081 or 42873). For example:
  • Outbound Proxy: Besides adding the port, add the following " ;transport=tls ":;transport=tls
Snom TLS transport.png

RTP Encryption

At the Identity menu >> RTP, check the following values:

  • RTP Encryption: Be sure that it is set to On
  • RTP/SAVP: Set this value to Mandatory
Snom RTP encryp.png
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