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Session Border Controllers

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A session border controller (SBC) is a network element deployed to protect SIP-based voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. Early deployments of SBCs were focused on the borders between two service provider networks in a peering environment. This role has now expanded to include significant deployments between a service provider's access network and a backbone network to provide service to residential and/or enterprise customers.



What Are SBCs (Session Border Controllers) and What Are Their Benefits?

anynode from TE-Systems


Product: anynode - The Software SBC


Overview: anynode is a Session Border Controller (SBC) that is entirely a software-based solution. It allows incompatible SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. anynode works as an interface for any number of SIP Endpoints like SIP phones, SIP PBXs, and also SIP providers like It converts port and directory information, provides secure connections, routes session traffic, integrates LDAP directories as well as digit manipulation of call numbers. Also, anynode‘s configuration wizard has many options that help to shape different scenarios and makes the installation of anynode extremely easy.

See Configuration Details



Product: AudioCodes SBC

Company: AudioCodes

Overview: AudioCodes’ Mediant session border controllers (SBCs) deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security and quality assurance for enterprise and service provider VoIP networks. In the enterprise environment, SBCs form an effective demarcation point between the business’s VoIP network and the service provider’s SIP trunk, performing SIP protocol mediation and media handling (interoperability), and securing the enterprise VoIP network. In the service provider core, AudioCodes SBCs can function as peering SBCs between operator networks or as access SBCs delivering security and protocol normalization. The Mediant family of SBCs includes a range of platforms that offer cost-effective SBC and hybrid functionality (SIP to TDM, SIP to SIP).

See Configuration Details

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