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Voip.MS is basically a worldwide termination (outgoing calls) and origination (incoming calls) provider. In' system, the inbound and outbound calls are separately charged. The service can be used only for outgoing calls, is not necessary for you to get a DID if you do not need to receive incoming calls. allows you to use one of your own Devices (hardware like a Linksys ATA or software like X-lite). is prepaid service provider and you need to deposit a minimum of $25 in your account to be able to use the services. All the charges will be deducted from that balance. Your account will not be able to receive or make calls once your balance reaches zero.

Signing up is free of any charges. You can navigate around, check features, configure your device and dial Echo Test and DTMF Test numbers even without adding funds.

Route (Value/Premium) can be switched to premium by the customer in the Account Settings section of the customer portal. By default, new accounts are setup to use the value route. The Value/Premium route applies separately for Canada and International. the US route is only available on the Premium.

Outgoing Calls

USA Rates

Canada Rates

International Rates

Billing Increments

Refer to Calls Cost for further explanation.

Incoming Calls

USA / Canada DID numbers availability

USA / Canada DID Per Minute Pricing

USA / Canada DID Flat Monthly Pricing

Extras Features

CNAM Lookup will be charged if the call matches a North American CallerID (NPANXXXXXX) and whether the call is answered or not. You are not charged for a 
CNAM Lookup if the number is in your Customer Portal Phone book and CNAM Lookups have a one hour Cache so you are not charged for repetitive calls.

Toll-Free DID numbers pricing

From USA provider

It accepts USA calls by default and it can be unlocked on request to accept incoming calls from Canada as well.

From Canadian provider

It accepts incoming calls from both USA and Canadian callers, all at the same incoming rate.

International DID pricing

International DID billing

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