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This page only shows the servers name, domain, and IP. For further information about how to properly select the best option for you, please refer to our wiki entry "Choosing Server"


Canada Servers
Server's name Server's domain Server's IP
Montreal 1, QC
Montreal 2, QC
Montreal 3, QC
Montreal 4, QC
Montreal 5, QC
Montreal 6, QC
Montreal 7, QC
Montreal 8, QC
Toronto 1, ON
Toronto 2, ON
Toronto 3, ON
Toronto 4, ON
Toronto 5, ON
Toronto 6, ON
Toronto 7, ON
Toronto 8, ON
Vancouver 1, BC
Vancouver 2, BC


USA Servers
Server's name Server's domain Server's IP
Atlanta 1, GA
Atlanta 2, GA
Chicago 1, IL
Chicago 2, IL
Chicago 3, IL
Chicago 4, IL
Dallas, TX
Dallas 2, TX
Denver 1, CO
Denver 2, CO
Houston, TX
Houston 2, TX
Los Angeles 1, CA
Los Angeles 2, CA
New York 1, NY
New York 2, NY
New York 3, NY
New York 4, NY
New York 5, NY
New York 6, NY
New York 7, NY
New York 8, NY
San Jose, CA
San Jose 2, CA
Seattle 1, WA
Seattle 2, WA
Seattle 3, WA
Tampa, FL
Tampa 2, FL
Tampa 3, FL
Tampa 4, FL
Washington 1, DC
Washington 2, DC


International Servers
Server's name Server's domain Server's IP
Amsterdam, NL
London, UK
Melbourne, AU
Paris, FR
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