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Sequences is an IVR enhancement feature that allows you to create very specific scenarios where you can make use of any combination of the following options:

A single sequence can contain any amount of the previous options in any pre-defined order to be executed one step after another.

A call sequence is often and mainly used (but not limited) to operate an automatic door’s system where the user will call into a DID number routing to an IVR, where it will dial the option that will trigger the sequence. This sequence will contain specific DTMF tones that the system will send to the door for it to be opened.

Important: A sequence can only be used as an IVR option, it is not possible to route a DID directly to a sequence's entry.

Find the Sequence feature within the customer portal at the DID Numbers menu.


Creating a Sequence entry

To create a Sequence entry you simply need to go from your customer portal to: DID numbers >> Sequences


Once there, click " + Add Sequence ", a popup window will appear with the following options:


Adding a DTMF step

This option will play the specified DTMF digits to the caller.

When you add a step and select DTMF at "Parameter(s)" you can set a specific number that will be sent as DTMF (tones), for example, if you set "1234" the system will send signals as if you were dialling 1,2,3,4.


Adding a Recording step

This will play any specific recording you have previously uploaded to at your Recordings section in your account

Once you select "Recording" as the step's type, the "Parameter(s)" field will display a drop-down list with the recordings you currently have in your account.


Adding a SMS step

This will instruct the system to send an SMS to a specific number. You will need to have a DID with SMS enabled and to set a local 10 digit number as the receiver (local Canada or USA number) All the SMS limitations also apply for this.

In order to use this option as a step, you will need to select an SMS compatible DID from the list from, you need to set the receiving number in the TO and the message in the message text field


Setting it in an IVR

Once you have saved the entry, you just need to add it as an option for your IVR


If you need further information about how to create or edit an IVR, please check our wiki entry available Here

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