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Short Message Service (SMS). This feature will allow you to send and receive messages with your DID Number (US and Canada DID Numbers Only). Currently it is in beta and will remain free until further notice.

Please note that this feature is for regular customer usage. No automation, telemarketing, bulk sending or receiving will be allowed.


Important information to know about the SMS Service

  • The SMS Service is in BETA version, that means it is not fully deployed. It is important to us that you report any issues with this service by sending an email to [email protected] so that the developers can get involved if necessary.
  • The SMS Service will be free until further notice.
  • The SMS Service is only available for US and Canadian local DID Numbers marked with the distinctive SMS Icon.
  • The SMS Service can only be used to send SMS Messages to Canadian and US 10 digit numbers at this time. We also cannot guarantee that International SMS will be properly received.
  • reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit or disable the SMS service from any account that may present marketing patterns / automation patterns / bulk sending or receiving while the service is free and in beta.
  • At this time we cannot guarantee that Short Code SMS Messages, which are usually 6 digits or less (e.g.: Skype, Bank Codes, TV Commercials etc...), will work.
  • We cannot guarantee that accents or special characters including non Latin letters will be properly delivered.
  • For Ported In Numbers: The SMS Functionality will be available up to 48 hours after the porting process is marked as Completed.
  • IMPORTANT: At this time, it is not possible to use a softphone to send or receive messages with our SMS Feature. This has to be done through the SMS Message Center in the Customer Portal at DID Numbers >> SMS Message Center in the Customer Portal or through

If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact the Support Staff on the Live Chat or Ticket System.

Identifying a SMS DID Number

The first thing you need to know is that this feature is only available for local US and Canadian numbers at the moment. You will note that some numbers will have a little icon of a phone device, this indicates that the number supports SMS. Please note that not all locations support SMS at this time.

You can start ordering a DID Number from your portal >> DID Numbers >> Order DID >> Local Numbers >> (US or Canada) Numbers and you will be able to purchase your desired number, just make sure it supports the SMS feature.

SMS 1.png

Configuring the SMS service

Once purchased the SMS Service needs to be activated on the DID settings, from your portal >> DID Numbers >> Manage DID >> Edit Selection >> SMS.

On that section you can activate and configure some forward options for the SMS service.

SMS options.png

The first action to take is to mark the Short Message Service (SMS) service, by enabling this field the SMS Service will be active and free until further notice.

  • SMS Portal: This is enabled by default and it can't be modified, that means that you will be able to create and send messages from the SMS Message Center.
  • SMS Email Address: By activating this option all the SMS Messages will be sent to the email address you configure in this field. The advantage of this option is that you will receive your SMS Messages directly to your email and you will be able to Reply to these messages from your email too. You just need to click on reply to the email. Please note that e-mail responses are as well limited to 160 characters and if they exceed this limit, they'll be split in two (or more messages if applies) when sent.
 To reply the SMS Message via your email it is important to click on Reply and DON'T change or modify the destination mail "TO"  
 ([email protected])and the subject E.G [#USXXX] Message sent to 5555555555.
  • SMS Forward: You can have your SMS Messages forwarded to your cellphone or any other number that supports SMS, with this option you will receive the SMS Messages from our system to the configured phone number.
 The CallerID sent to the Call Forwarded Cell Phone will be your DID Number that received the SMS Message.
  • SMS URL Callback: By enabling this option you will be able to send the messages to another destination e.g. your own server. If selected SMS Messages received by your DID will Send a GET request to the URL Callback provided. Available variables for your URL:
 {ID} The ID of the SMS message.
 {TIMESTAMP} The date and time the message was received.
 {FROM} The phone number that sent you the message
 {TO} The DID Number that received the message
 {MESSAGE} The content of the message
 Example: http: //{TO}&from={FROM}&message={MESSAGE}&id={ID}&date={TIMESTAMP}
  • URL Callback Retry: When selected, we will be expecting an "ok" output (without quotes) from your URL callback page as an indicator that you have received the message correctly. If we don't received the "ok" (without quotes) from your callback page, we will keep sending you the same message every 30 minutes.

Once you configure the desired option, click on Apply Changes.

Send and Receive Messages

SMS Message Center

To start using the service you will need to use the SMS Message Center, from your portal >> DID Numbers >> SMS Message Center.

For Mobile Devices please use as a complete all in one solution.

From the SMS Message Center you can check your SMS History, send and receive SMS messages.


  • Search Range: Select a Date Range of your SMS History. You can select a time period by marking the "Show Details" field and the text messages will be displayed.
  • Search Filter: You can filter your Search by DID, Contact and Type (Sent, Received and Both).
  • Send New SMS Messages: Another window will open by clicking here in order to create a new SMS Message.
  • Delete Selected Messages: This action will delete any messages that you have selected, by clicking on the box next to them. This action cannot be undone.
  • Delete All Messages: Delete ALL your SMS Messages, both sent and received. This action cannot be undone.
  • Checking a Message: To check a received SMS Message just click it directly in order to display the information.

Create a New SMS Message


You can create a new SMS Message we will explain you all the parameters you can find on this section:

  • DID: If you have more than one DID Number you can select any of the numbers available to send your message.
  • Contact: The destination phone number or if you have a Phone book entry start typing the name and the system will display the information if available.
  • Message: You can create your message on that field, please note that you have up to 160 characters.

Then click on 'Send Message' to send the SMS.

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