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The Reseller feature is intended for users who want to initiate a business in the VoIP world. This useful tool can help you create and manage accounts for your own clients, you will be able to assign specific rates for them and also provide credentials to register a DID number. You will be able to handle the billing for your customers depending on your needs and how much you want to earn with your business, setting rates and adding credits for them. Additionally we will provide you with information about how to customize your Reseller portal to have a more personalized site.

The Reports section will allow you to check the Call detail records from the customers and review the Financial Reports related to their accounts. To activate your Reseller section, you need first to login to the Customer Portal then go to Reseller >> Reseller Main >> Activate

This guide will focus on the basic information to run the Reseller section properly. Here you can learn how to:

1. Manage Rates and Packages

2. Manage your clients

3. Use the client branding and access

4. Generate Call and Profit Reports


Manage Rates and Packages.

This section will focus on how to create packages for the reseller feature, how to edit the rates depending on the destination and how to set a benefit for the calls your clients make. It is important to note that all the calls your customers make are charged to you as per our regulars fees, however on the reseller portal, they will see the charges according to the rates you set here.

Create a new package

From the Customer Portal go to Reseller >> Manage Rates and Packages >> Create a new Package.


Package name: Set a package name.

Outbound Markup: Here you set the benefit you want to have on the calls that your clients make, you can set a fixed amount or a percentage, for this example if you set a 20%, your package will be set as follows ([cost rate] + $ fixed amount) + 20 %.

Example : for 1 cent per minute, the sell rate will be (0.01 + 0.0000) + 20 % = 0.012

Pulse: This is the charge increments that you will use for this package. For example, a pulse of 60 will make calls charged by the minute. You can read more about this in our Calls Cost article.

Canada Route & International Route: These are the routes that the package will use on outgoing calls. For more information between the differences between Value and Premium, please read our article Value vs Premium to Calls: This option will make it so calls between DID numbers are free. Applies to calls to USA and Canada Numbers.

Under the Fees Tab you will be able to enter a value that you would charge as monthly base rate and a setup rate when connecting the package to a client.

The Free Minutes Tab will let you set a total of free calls, inbound & outbound for the package. If a vlue is entered in this field, the client will have free minutes (inbound & outbound calculated) up to the number of minutes entered here. Free minutes will be calculated from the invoice date for the package and will be calculated in total rounded minutes( for example, 3 minutes 11 seconds will be calculated as 4 minutes). The destinations added to the Free Zones at Reseller > Manage Rates & Packages > Edit Rates > Manage free zone will be able to spend these Free Minutes.

The Reseller System Configuration tab offers several advanced options for the package:

Edit Rates

If you want to set different rates depending on the destination of the call, you can do this on the Edit Rates section from the package, all the custom rates you enter there will override the global markup. You can set a custom rate for all the calls to USA or Canada, by country or Calling code. You can also set your Free Zones here, which will be the destinations that will be included in the Free Minutes offered in the package.


Manage your clients

Now that you have a package, you need to add a client, this section will focus on how to create a client and associate it with a sub account, as well as adding payments and charges for each client, assigning a DID number and also the proper way to delete a client account that is not longer needed.


Adding a client

From the customer portal go to Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Create a new client account.


Fill the form with the client information and choose between soft and hard balance, when finished click on create account. A customer in HARD balance will be suspended if he is on zero or negative balance, while a customer in SOFT balance will be able to keep making use of the service even if their balance is zero or negative.

On the Manage section, you can add a new package or a DID number. To add numbers to your clients you need to order the number from your Customer Portal first. Don't forget to set a Per Minute rate and/or Monthly fee for your number, as incoming calls are charged independently from the outgoing calls.

Once the client account has been created, you will need to create a sub account for it as well.

Go to Sub accounts menu >> Create Sub account. During the Sub Account creation process, you will reach the Reseller configuration section, here you can choose:


If you already have a sub account created, you can modify it at Sub Accounts >> Edit Sub Account >> Manage and add a package there.

Delete a client

You can delete a client on the Edit section from the Client's account, however note that before doing this you need to be sure to unconnect any package or DID number related to the client, you can do this from the Manage section on Client´s account.

Adding Payments manually

You can add payments manually from the customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client, then select the Payment button under the Balance panel.

Add Charges manually

You can add charges manually from the customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client, then select the Charge button under the Balance panel.

Add phone numbers to your clients (DIDs)

You can add phone numbers to your clients from the Customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client >> Package for this clients >> Add Phone number. Please note that you need to order a DID and have it on your account before you can assign it to a client. Don't forget to set a Per Minute rate and/or Monthly fee for your number, as incoming calls are charged independently from the outgoing calls.


Use the client branding and access

It is always important to show a good brand image to your customer, for that reason we offer the option to customize our reseller interface to have the best presentation possible. There is also a useful feature on the site that can allow us to integrate your client's payments with a paypal account, so they can be added automatically as funds to the client.

Branded Interface

At the top of the screen you will see two available options, these are:

Version of the reseller system: This is the version of the Reseller System that will be displayed to your clients. The New Version of the Reseller System offers several customization options as well access to most of the services, while the Old Version offers limited customization and access to basic services such as direct SIP routing and Call Forwarding

Configure Reseller Version: Determines which version of the Reseller System you will be configuring on this section. Enabling the New Version will offer you the option to modify the color of the panels, buttons and background of your Client Portal, as well as previewing it before making any changes.

Interface and Access

Clients Interface Access: This section will list the URL that you can give your clients to access their Account.

Auto Connect Form for Clients: This is an HTML form that you can use to automatically send your clients to their interface without needing authorization.

DID Access: You can set the pricing here for any DIDs that your clients purchase using the option at Services > Order DIDs on their Client Portal, if you have enabled this service for them.

Branding Management

In this section you will be able to change the Title that will appear in your Reseller Customer Portal page, as well as any of the colors of the interface, including the buttons* and the panels*, as well as selecting a Header, logo* and login background* for the interface.

*Options only available in the New Version of the reseller system.

Display Elements

Here you can choose whether or not you'd like to display the SIP and IAX password(s) in the Reseller Interface, as well as allowing your customers the option to reset their passwords in the Login Reseller Interface.

Lastly, you will be presented with an option to integrate an automated signup form into your website. If so, you can link your signup menu option to the URL presented there. You can also select which fields will be shown in order to sign up with a new account with you.


View Setting: You can set if you want to display the information in the Client Interface on 'Simple View' here. Simple view is a feature that allows you to show your client inferface in a simpler way to your clients. This changes the balance owned to amount due, and hides some features like :

Services*: In this section you can select which services will be available and which services will not be available for your customers, if you are using the "Default Configuration" option in the Type of Configuration section of the Package settings.

*Options only available in the New Version of the reseller system

Text and Messages

In this tab you will be able to personalize the Welcome Text that will appear in the Reseller Customer Portal. You are also able to customize the Emails that will be sent when a Customer's Balance is running low, as well as when they request and complete a Password Reset.


If you want your clients to deposit directly into your PayPal account, you can activate the PayPal integration. All payments will be sent to your PayPal account and automatically credited to your client interface.


Instructions :

  1. Enter your PayPal email address in the "PayPal email account" field
  2. Enter the amounts that you want to offer, without decimal and separated by a comma
  3. In your PayPal account, go to "Profile", and under the "Selling preference" section, activate the Instant payment notification(IPN). Enter the URL:

  • Click to enlarge
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We strongly recommend making a live test with an amount of $1.

Charging taxes with PayPal do not charge taxes for you, even if you are reselling the services. You are responsible to charge them (if they apply). with PayPal you can charga taxes, configuring them directly in your PayPal Bussiness account, following this path:

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Host Name

In order to personalize the interface with a hostname

  1. Configure a host with an A RECORD in your dns that points to
  2. Enter in the field bellow the fully qualified host + domain name (e.g:
  3. Click "submit"
There is a one time fee of $10.00 for adding your hostname to our system.


Here you can see the Call Detail Records for the calls your customers have made and received, with the rates we have established on the packages created, showing a net total of the benefit earned as well.

Reports are divided in the following categories:

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