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Reseller Feature – Basic Guide

The Reseller feature is intended for our users who wants to initiate a business in the VoIP world. This useful tool in our system can help you create and manage accounts for your own clients, you will be able to assign specific rates for them and also provide credentials to register a DID number. You will be able to handle the billing for your customers depending on your needs and how much you want to earn with your business, setting rates and adding credits for them. Additionally we will provide you information about how to customize your Reseller portal to have a more personalized site.

Reports section will help us basically to check the Call detail records from the customers and to view some financial reports related. To activate your Reseller section, you need first to refer from the customer portal go to Reseller menu >> Reseller Main >> Activate

Congratulations, now you have activated the Reseller mode, from now on there is plenty of work to do, this guide will focus on the basic information to run the Reseller section properly. Here you can learn how to:

1. Manage Rates and Packages

2. Manage your clients

3. Use the client branding and access

4. Reports


Manage Rates and Packages.

On this section we will learn first how to create packages for the reseller feature and how to edit the rates depending on the destination and how to set a benefit for the calls our clients make. It is important to note that all the calls your customers make, are charged to you as per our regulars fees, however on the reseller portal, they will see the charges differently, according to the rates you set here.

Create a new package

From the customer portal go to Reseller menu >> Manage Rates and Packages >> Create a new Package.


Package name: Set a package name.

Global Markup: Here you set the benefit you want to have on the calls that your clients make, you can set a fixed amount or a percentage, for this example if you set a 20%, your package will be set as follows ([cost rate] + $ fixed amount) * 20 %.

Example : for 1 cent per minute, the sell rate will (be 0.01 + 0.0000) + 20 % = 0.012

Edit Rates

If you want to set different rates depending on the destination of the call, you can do this on the Edit Rates section from the package, all the custom rates you enter there will override the global mark up. You can set a custom rate for all the calls to USA or Canada, by country or Calling code.


Manage your clients

Now that you have a package, you need to add a client, we will review here how to create a client and associate it with a sub account, also we will see where we can add payments and charges for each client, assign a DID number and also the proper way to delete a client account that is not longer needed.

Adding a client

From the customer portal go to Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Create a new client account.


Fill the form with the client information and choose between soft and hard balance, when finished click on create account. Important note: when having the client on hard balance note that the service will be suspended for the client if he is on zero or negative balance.

On the Manage section, you can add a new package or a DID number, to add numbers to your clients you need to order the number first from your customer porta.

The client account has been created, however a sub account per client is needed.

Go to Sub accounts menu >> Create Sub account >>

Create the sub account as usual , when you get to Reseller configuration section, you can choose:


If you alreay have a sub account created, you can refer to the client account on the Manage section and add a package, when doing this 
you will be able to connect it with an existing sub account.

Delete a client

You can delete a client on the Edit section from the Client's account, however note that before doing this you need to be sure to unconnect any package or DID number related to the client, you can do this from the Manage section on Client´s account.

Adding Payments manually

You can add payments manually from the customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client >> On client information select, Add payment.

Add Charges (manually)

You can add charges manually from the customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client >> On client information select, Add Charge.

Add phone numbers to your clients (DIDs)

You can add phone numbers to your clients from the customer portal >> Reseller menu >> Manage Clients acct >> Manage Client >> Package for this clients >> select , Add Phone number >> Connect a DID for charging (please note that you may need to order a DID and have it on your account before you can assign it to a client).


Use the client branding and access

To show a good image to our customers is always important, for that reason we will see here how to customize our reseller interface to have the best presentation possible. We also see that there is a useful feature on the site that can allow us to integrate our client's payments with a paypal account, so they can be added automatically to the client.

Adding a host name

In order to personalize the interface with a hostname

1.Configure a host with an A RECORD in your dns that points to

2.Enter in the field bellow the fully qualified host + domain name (e.g:

3.Click "submit"

There is a one time fee of $10.00 for adding your hostname to our system.

Branding Management

From these section you can set your own header, change colors, Titles background, Titles text color, Content background color, content text color.


PayPal Integration

If you want your clients to deposit directly in your paypal account, you can activate the paypal integration. All payments will be sent to your paypal account and automatically credited in your client interface.


Instructions : 1.Enter your paypal email address in the "paypal email account" field 2.Enter the amounts that you want to offer, without decimal and separated by a coma 3.In your paypal account, go to "Profile" , and under the "Selling preference" section, activate the Instant payment notification(IPN). Enter the url : . 4.We strongly recommend to make a live test with an amount of 1 $.


Here we can see the Call Detail Records for the calls our customers are making, with the rates we establish on the packages created, also a quick review on a Financial report and the DID numbers associated.

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