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Using our services you have the possibility to upload on your account your custom recordings and use them in different features like:

- Digital Recepcionist( IVR )

- Calling Queues

- To route a DID number

- To route failover options

To upload a recording, you need to login on the customer portal, then you have to go to DID numbers -> Recordings. There you will see this: Recording2.JPG

- Name: you can set the name you want to identify this recording

- File: here you need to select the recording you want to upload on your account.

- Upload: click on this to start uploading procedure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you upload a new recording, Our system can take up to 60 seconds to propagate this recording to all VoIp servers and it              
will not be playable until this process is done.

These are the specifications required for these files:

- Windows WAV sound file (extension .wav)

- PCM 8kHz 16 bits Mono.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Our system will attempt to convert your .wav file to the required format once the upload is done but the result can not be  
guaranteed if you didn't saved your file in the proper format.

Once you upload a recording, This is what you will see : Recording3.JPG

- Name: here you should see what you set before uploading this recording

- Test Dial Code: our system assigns a code to each recording, which you can dial to hear what you uploaded

- Download: use this option if you want to download this recording from your account.

- Re-upload: use this option if you want to upload again this recording in your account.

- Delete: use this option if you want to delete this recording from your account.

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