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If you ever encounter any difficulties logging into your main portal, please try the following suggestions depending on your case.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your main portal password, you are going to need to reset it. You can do this from the log in screen. Just click where it says Password lost? Click here to reset your password. Please note, that you will need to provide us the Email associated to your Account.

Notice that if you also reset your main SIP/IAX password as well you will need to reconfigure any device/system were you use your main account to update its password. Do NOT select that checkbox unless you also want to do that change

If for any reason you have blocked your account for reaching the limit of fail attempts, contact us by mail or chat so we can reset the account's login attempts for you.

Blocked IP

If you receive the message that your IP is blocked, please follow this link Copy the IP address that will be displayed, and then send it back on your reply to us in order to white flag that IP.

Please note that for security purposes, we can not provide users passwords via Ticket, Live Chat or Telephone.

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