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Porting a US Number

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Porting a number is the process of transfer a number from one company to another. If you are a VoIP.ms customer and have an existing number you would like to have with us, it is possible to bring your number with our service. Toll free numbers, local USA/Canada and even International numbers can be ported with us, you can transfer a landline, cellphone or a number with another VoIP provider.

We count with a LNP (Local Number Portability) department that handle all the porting process and guide the customer though it. They are also in charge to update the customer via email with any relevant information about his port status.

Here are explained all the steps needed to follow in order to port an existing number from another provider to VoIP.MS

Step 1.

First you have to confirm the order type of your port process. Could be for a US, Canadian or Toll Free number.


Step 2.

Now you should enter the number(s) you would like to port. If you have more than 1 number with the loosing provider but you only want to port one or some of them, you should check on Yes at "Partial Port". If you want to port all of them, you have to check on No at "Partial Port" and you should enter all the numbers at "DID Number(s) to port"

After this you have to specify if the numbers are currently located at a residence or a business and if you are going to port a mobile number you have to provide the 4 last digits of the SSN and PIN Number.


Step 3.

Now you should enter all information the information required. It must be exactly as it appears on the CSR (Customer Service Record) of the losing carrier. Please note that your Customer Service Record can differ from your billing address. If you are not sure, please contact your current service provider to get that information.

If you are planning to port a number under a different name than yours to a voip.ms account, you just have to fill the information as it appears on the CSR, it does not matter if the name of your losing carrier account and voip.ms account doesn't match.





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