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Porting a Number

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Port a number

Porting a number is the process of transfer a number from one provider to another. If you are a VoIP.ms customer and have an existing number with a different provider you can optionally bring it (port it in) to VoIP.ms network. Toll free numbers, local USA/Canada and even International numbers can be ported to VoIP.ms.

Our LNP (Local Number Portability) Department handles the porting process and guides the customer through it. They are also in charge of updating the customer via email with any relevant information about the port every time there is a change of the port request status. (Such as when the information has been submitted to the carrier, when a porting date -known as FOC- has been received, when the port has completed, etc)

Numbers portable

Up until today, we can port numbers to our network, from the following countries:

  • CANADA ($10 USD/number)
  • UNITED KINGDOM ($30 USD/number)
  • UNITED STATES ($10 USD/number)
Important: Numbers from these countries can be ported to our network if they belong to a city from where we offer DID numbers,
you can verify this information from your portal, under DID Numbers section, you will find a link to order DID's.

For more information about prices you can contact VoIP.ms staff, since the rate can vary depending on the country your number belongs to.

Check Availability

Not all numbers from a specific country can be ported in. The most important factor to find out if a number is portable or not is the number´s city (also called ratecenter). In your customer portal, refer to DID Numbers section, you will find a link for DID Portability. In this link you can verify if your number is portable to our network, just click on the link that says "Check availability".


Important: There is a one time fee of $10 USD per number in order to port to our network, the process can take from 1-4 weeks for Canadian     
Numbers and 2-4 weeks for US and Toll Free Numbers.

Start Procedure

Once you have verified your number can be ported, on the same link (DID Portability) click on "Start procedure" you will be presented with a process of 6 steps to initiate the port of your number.


Important: Make sure you have a scan of your latest invoice/statement in PDF, MS Word or as an Image file, SIGNED on a blank part. 
Do not sign it over any lines or graphics.

After following all the steps in the process and confirmed your order, you will receive an email notification from our LNP Department, that will guide you during the entire process and provide all the necessary updates. If any additional information is required they will contact you, so you can be informed all the time.

Here you can find a detailed explanation of each step you have to follow in order to start a port request:

Porting a US Number

Porting a Canadian Number

Porting a Toll Free number

Important Notes to Remember

Some important requirements you need to know before starting a port request:

  • Make sure to provide the exact information as it is on the losing carrier's Customer Service Record. This is usually your Service Address. Please note that the service address CAN be different from your billing address. Billing addresses will usually get rejected if it's not the same as your Service Address. If you are not sure of what is the correct service information, please contact your current service provider to obtain the Customer Service Record before proceeding.
  • During a regular porting process your number must be working with the losing provider, which means you need to also make sure your number is active and not scheduled for cancellation, until the port gets completed.
  • If you decide to port your number, you will have to make sure that your balance covers the porting fee. Otherwise, our staff will not start the process until the balance is in a positive standing after you have submitted the port order.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to contact the losing provider after the number has been completely ported to VoIP.ms in order to have the number and/or other services disconnected from them.
  • It is important to remember that, if the initial request comes back rejected due to needing additional information or some error, the process time starts again after it has been resubmitted.
  • Once you receive a FOC, for a number being ported, that number is now treated as if it´s already on our network. The Number will show in your available DID list and you can configure it. You must configure the DID to be able to reach it via the VOIP.ms network.

Canadian and USA numbers are activated on per minute plan once ported. If you would rather have it activated on flat rate, please mention it in the Notes/Comments field, on the step 5 of the port request.

What about porting out?

  • If you wish to port out a number from the service you can do so at any time by making a porting request with the new provider, and give your name/address as it is listed on your VoIP.ms account.

Remember that all port outs are authorized if the information matches what is in your account, and you do not have negative balance.

Make sure to delete the DID number from your VoIP.ms Customer portal after the number has been tested fully operational with the new provider.

Port Rejection

If there is a problem with your porting process, the LNP department will notify you via email on the following steps to take to address this problem. You can read more about port rejections and the most common reasons here, Port Rejection.

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