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Puede transferir uno o varios números en una sola orden. Tenga en cuenta que para portear varios números en una orden, todos los números deben estar en la misma factura y pertenecer a la misma cuenta de su proveedor actual. Todos deben estar asociados al mismo recibo teléfonico. El costo es de $25 USD por cada número. No debe de mezclar números Toll-free y locales en la misma orden. Lo mismo aplica para número de Canada y US, necesita hacer una nueva orden de transferencia para diferentes números que no están en el mismo recibo o que son de diferentes proveedores.

Tenga en cuenta que todos los números Toll Free de USA y Canada pueden ser porteados a VoIP.ms siempre y cuando el proveedor actual no rechace la petición. Por favor contacte a su proveedor actual antes de comenzar el proceso de porteo para estar seguros de que ellos están de acuerdo en autorizar el porteo de su número y de que no tiene ningún tipo de contrato que le impida hacer esto.

En las siguientes líneas podrá encontrar todos los pasos necesarios para transferir un número Toll Free de otro proveedor hacia VoIP.ms

Step 1.

First you have to confirm the order type of your port process. In this case will be a Toll Free number.


Step 2.

Now you should enter the number(s) you would like to port. If you have more than 1 number with the losing provider but you only want to port one or some of them, you should check on Yes at the "Partial Port" section. If you want to port all of them, you have to check on No at "Partial Port" and you should enter all the numbers at "DID Number(s) to port" .


Step 3.

Now you should enter all the required information. It must be exactly as it appears on the CSR (Customer Service Record) of the losing carrier. Please note that your Customer Service Record can differ from your billing address. If you are not sure, please contact your current service provider to get that information since this is the most important piece of information in order to avoid a port rejection from the losing provider and ensure a smooth port

If you are planning to port a number under a different name than yours to a voip.ms account, you just have to fill the information as it appears on the CSR. It does not matter if the name on the losing carrier's account does not match with the information at VoIP.ms.


Step 4.

You must enter the Service Provider/Carrier Information. What is needed is your Customer Account number and Service Provider Name.


Step 5.

What is needed here is to upload a scan of your latest signed invoice from your losing provider. Please place your signature on a Blank part where there are no elements interfering with it. If the provider of the number does not provide an invoice, you could take a screen shot from the losing provider´s customer portal where it shows your number and account information.

If you would like to include any comment or additional information to this port. You can do it at the Notes/Comments field.

Please note CNAM/LIDB database option does not apply when porting a Toll Free number.


Step 6.

The system will show you the number(s) that are going to be ported, the porting fee per number and the Total amount that will be debited from your balance. Please confirm that all information is correct.

After this, the port process will be completed and your request will be sent to the LNP Department at VoIP.ms

LNP Department will process your request and they will email you either requesting more information if needed or just to confirm everything is correct and will give you a FOC Date for your port as soon as the losing carrier confirms this information.


Please note that some carriers can take some hours to completely update their routes when a number has been ported and this could cause random situations with your number at your FOC Date.

Please contact the support department if a ported-in number is still unreachable from some providers after 24 hours since you were advised that the port had completed.

Thank you for your understanding.

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