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Configuration Detail

  • Start PortGo Softphone
  • You will see a window settings
  • Fill in the information according to your account
    • Username: 100000 (your VoIP.ms username)
    • Password: ********* (account password)
    • Server: atlanta.voip.ms (one of our multiple servers)

PortGo Settings

  • Now click on Advanced button
  • Fill the following fields as below:
    • Display Name: John Smith
    • Authorization Name: 100000 (your VoIP.ms username)
    • User Domain: atlanta.voip.ms (one of our multiple servers)
    • Register every: 180 seconds
  • Click on Login button

PortGo Advanced Settings

  • Now click on PortGo Settings button
  • Select Options at the menu.

PortGo Options

  • Select the Audio Codecs option.
  • At the right you will see the codecs available, leave only as selected codec, GSM and G.711 uLaw. Set the rest to the left side and apply plus OK buttons.

PortGo Codecs Conf.

  • Your PortGo should be ready to make calls

PortGo its ready to make calls

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