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PhonerLite is a clearly arranged application for Windows. PhonerLite enables your PC to use it for Internet telephony (VoIP, Voice overIP). Pre-conditions are a full-duplex sound card, a microphone and speakers (alternatively a headset), an Internet connection and an account from a provider supporting the protocol SIP. PhonerLite supports several SIP profiles, each configurable independently.

You will find a step by step below on configuring PhonerLite with

Configuration Details

  • 1. Download PhonerLite at
  • 2. Once downloaded, open and install it.
  • 3. Once installed and opened, you will be greeted with the following window. Make sure to select ‘’’Manual Configuration’’ and fill the following fields:
  • A. Proxy/Registrar: Set the server you wish to register to. For a list of servers available, click | here
  • B. Domain/Realm : Same server you’ve set in the previous field.

  • 4. Press > and fill the next fields:
  • A. User Name: Set your 6-digit main account username or sub account.
  • B. Authentication Name: Same as previous field
  • C. Password: Set your main account or sub account password.

  • 5. Press > and then the check mark. You are now registered and can proceed with making phone calls!


You can activate MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) to be notified when you receive a new Voicemail.

Additionally, you can lower the registration interval to 60.

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