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Configuration Details

  • Start PhonerLite
  • Select Manual Configuration

  • Proxy/Registrar: (or any other server)
  • Realm/Domain:
  • Leave STUN blank

Click Next

  • Username: 100000 (Your Account)
  • Authentication Name: Same as Username
  • Password: ********* (Account Password)

Click Next

  • Select your audio capture and playback devices
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish check box to save your profile
  • PhonerLite is now ready to make calls.

(Optional fine tuning)

Note: Whenever you make changes make sure to click the Save button to save them to your profile.

Under Server you can change register time to recommended 180 seconds.

Under Codecs turn off silence detection.

If you use headset you can set echo cancellation to 0 otherwise leave default. Default codec selection is adequate and will use highest quality g.711. If you have low bandwidth try unchecking g711 so calls default to GSM (make sure GSM is also checked on server config). g.729 is not supported in this softphone.

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