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The Phone Book feature allows you to configure Speed-Dial entries and Caller ID name (CNAM) overrides. For example, let´s say you have a Customer, Provider or Relative that you call frequently, you can create a Phone Book entry in order to make a call using a speed-dial entry of 4 digits long. Additionally you can have a Caller ID name (CNAM) override to identify the calls of an important customer if his number doesn't have a proper Caller ID name (CNAM) linked to it. You can also use the Phonebook entries with our Virtual Fax and SMS features. When sending from both features, the field will instantly show you the available entries to choose from when you start inputting either a number or a name from the Phone Book. You will also see the name configured in the Phone Book for received messages.

This guide will help you to configure and learn how to use properly the Phone Book.


Phone Book Purposes

Before creating the phone book entry, we are going to explain the main purposes of this feature:


You can create a Phone Book entry to work as a Speed-Dial, allowing you to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys. This function is particularly useful if you dial certain numbers on a regular basis. You can program a speed dial to local, long distance or international numbers, you can also have a SIP URI (like *7501 to dial [email protected]).

The prefix to dial your speed dial entries is *75. Example: If you want to dial entry 01, you need to dial *7501 from your phone. It's not currently possible to use a different prefix. You may have up to 99 Speed-Dial entries.

CallerID-name (CNAM) Override

When you receive an incoming call to one of your numbers that matches a phone number in the phonebook, the CNAM of the incoming call can be set in the entry on the phone book. For example, let´s say that you have an entry with the number 5554443322 associated with the name "John Smith", whenever you receive a phone call for that number you will see the CNAM as "John Smith". The phone book feature overrides the CNAM look up feature (if you have enabled it for your DID number).

For the name display from phone book to operate correctly, the displayed number must be written as it appears in the Call Detail Records - for North American numbers this will usually be ten digits without the leading +1.

CallerID Number Override

When you call one number using the Speed-Dial if you have setup a "CallerID Number Override" the default caller ID number will be changed for the one you have configured in your phone book entry.

Setup a Phone Book

First go to your Customer Portal and follow the menu option "DID Numbers" >> "Phone Book"

Phone book.jpg

From this screen you can create, edit and delete Phone Book entries. Your Phone Book may contain a total of 500 entries.

Create a Phone Book Entry with a Phone Number

To create an entry, first click on the button "Add Phone Number", you will be prompted to the next screen:

Pb entry.jpg

Speed Dial: Here you only need to select which Speed-Dial you want to assign to this number. Optional Field.

Name: You can enter here the name that you want to use as CNAM Override. Mandatory field.

Phone Number: Enter here the phone number. Mandatory field.

You can also use an International Number, you only need to make sure to use the prefix 00 or 011 to make the call to the number. Make sure that you have enabled the International Calls in your account.

Note: The CallerID Number is not 100% guaranteed to be passed properly for International Routes at the moment.

CallerID Number Override: Enter here the number you want to pass. This overrides the default callerID Number. Optional field.

Note: Here you can set a note to identify the entry. Optional field.

Create a Phone Book Entry with a SIP URI

Creating a Phone Book Entry for a SIP URI is basically the same as creating the entry for a Phone Number. The difference is that you can select or create the SIP URI entry in this point in order to assign a Speed-Dial code . The information is selected for the SIP URI feature within your Customer Portal.

Pb entry sipuri.jpg

SIP URI: Here you can either select Use Existing or Create New to assign the SIP URI to your Phone Book entry.

Import or Export the Phone Book

Imp exp pb.jpg

Additionally you can import or export your Phonebook, the format is CSV (Comma-separated values). Here's an example of what the information should look like when you export your Phonebook.

*7501,"John Smith",5554443322
*7502,"John Doe",[email protected]
Note: If you mark the box Overwrite Existing Phonebook Entries while Importing your Phone Book then all your existing Phone book entries with a 
Speed Dial will be updated only with a valid match for the same Speed Dial in your uploaded file.
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