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Panasonic KX-TGP 550

Configuration Details

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The default registration expiry time on this device is 3600 seconds. You may have to reduce that if you lose registration. Unfortunately, that can not be set on the web interface. You need to load a provisioning configuration file from a web or FTP server. The parm is REG_EXPIRE-n=mmm, where n is line number, and mmm is the registration interval. e.g. REG_EXPIRES_1=300 to set line 1 registration time to 300 seconds. A symptom of this problem is that the telephone web interface shows that the line is registered, but the control panel indicates that it is not registered. This device supports multiple provisioning files in a hierarchy. Perhaps the nice folks at might set up a basic one with the generic parms for their service on their web server, so that users without access to their own web server might use it.

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