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Getting the device ready.

If you use a hidden access point, i.e. you do not broadcast your SSID turn it on temporarily.

Make sure you can browse internet through wifi before you start.

Please note that we will be using the New York server as an example, feel free to use any of the several servers.

Configuration Details

1. Go to Home > tools > settings > connection > sipsettings.

  Select Options > new sip profile

ProfileName: VoipMs

Service Profile: ietf

Default Access Point: <your wifi access point>

Public User Name: sip:<VoipmsAccountNumber>_<subaccount>

use compression: NO

registration: Always On

use security: NO

registrar server:

   registrar server address
   user name
       ********* (account password)
   transport type

proxy server:

   { set this the same as the registrar server }
   { that may not be necessary }

Press the blueline 'back' option key

     select "options" with the 'VoipMs' selected
     select "default profile" menu
     make "VoipMs" default for now

Go to Home > tools > settings > connection > Internet Tel.

   [name]: VoipMs
   [sip profiles]: VoipMs

Go to Home > communication > internet tel

    select <your wifi access point>
      [default call type]
         internet call
      [voip settings]
      [login type]
    [save conn. networks]
    { you should see your wifi access point here }

Go to Home->tools->settings->connection->Internet Tel.

   { if you see a gold star next to your wifi access point you're all set}
   { if not then access the internet through your wifi and check again }

After you see the gold star please test dialing out a number, or 4443 (to reach echo test).

If you use a hidden access point, i.e. you do not broadcast your SSID try turning it off now and make sure you are still able to dial out.

If your internet phone is active you should see the icon on your home screen it is a small icon. You can check your Nokia user manual documentation to see what it looks like.

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