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NetDial Sip Phone

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Set Accounts

  • Start NetDial app
  • Once NetDial has started, click go to the Setting tab then Accounts >> Add new account to start the configuration.

Net dial 1.jpg

Now Click on the Add new account button to create a new account

Net dial 2.jpg

Fill in the Settings for your account:

  • Account Title: You can chose a title or reference number for your account,E.G
  • Account ID: This will be the SIP username, if you are using your main account will be 6 digits starting with 1XXXXX, if you are using your sub account will be the sub account username E.G 123456_XXX.
  • Password: The password for your main account is the one you set when you (Signup), for your sub account will be the one you set when the sub account was created.
  • Proxy IP: You should type here the address of one of the servers, feel free to chose the one you prefer Choosing a server.
Finally click on the "Save" button to save your changes and start making calls.
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