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With the improvement in download speeds and internet reliability, VoIP has come a long way since its inception and more and more businesses are making a move towards VoIP. However, with the growing number of new and emerging technologies, myths also grow which eventually puts many people off. VoIP has its own share of doubters, mainly because of the lack of awareness and misconception of this amazing technology. If you are one of those, we have compiled a list of the most common myths that people have regarding VoIP. Let's dive into more details and debunk some myths about VoIP.

Myth 1 – “It is Expensive to Switch to VoIP”

The overall setup cost associated with the installation of VoIP hardware is relatively insignificant when you compare it to the overall savings which VoIP can make on calls when used over a medium to long-term period. Also, people may think that the internet cost is already high that it will increase the overall cost even more. However, in reality, businesses which move towards VoIP find the technology much cheaper than a traditional phone system. With a traditional system, one needs to pay for the line rental charge and overhead with each call made. Thus, not changing to VoIP can prove to be more expensive.

Myth 2 – “Cannot Make Use of Same Numbers”

In United States for instance, under the Local Number Portability rule of Federal Communication Commission, if you remain in the same geographic area, you can keep the same number when switching from traditional phone to VoIP.

Myth 3 – “Routine Maintenance and Setup is Frustrating”

It might sound true that with a business phone system and hardware, you will be required to have a storage room and will require to have expert staff for its maintenance. Fortunately, with VoIP, there is no need for businesses to have the entire hardware setup on premise. At, we take care of all hardware requirement. All you need to have are the VoIP phones and some software installations and you are good to go. There is no need to have maintenance done on your end.

Myth 4 – “VoIP is Unreliable”

As opposed to this myth, VoIP services are extremely reliable. With stellar quality service providers, you can be guaranteed of virtually no downtime and can enjoy a seamless telephonic ride with VoIP. From its advent, there has been an exceptional improvement in the quality and reliability of VoIP services. One can hardly make a difference between a VoIP call and traditional call, these days.

Myth 5 – “VoIP is Only for Large Businesses”

VoIP is as good a solution to small businesses as it is too large businesses. It provides features like mobility and flexibility, allowing employees to work remotely and thus providing a competitive edge. VoIP makes sure that small businesses are as much competitive as large businesses by allowing them to provide exceptional customer service with reduced operational cost. Small businesses can expand and contract their VoIP service needs on their actual business requirements.

This surely is the time to make the switch to VoIP, if you already haven't. Bust those myths and enjoy the benefits of VoIP.


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