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MizuPhone Classic Edition

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Configuration Details for MizuPhone Classic Edition

Note that MizuPhone classic is having issues recognizing passwords with some special characters. If you are using this version and insist on using special characters, use MizuPhone Modern instead.

Once you have downloaded the softphone and opened it for the first time, it will prompt you with a screen to create a user. Fill each information in order to create your user with Mizu. Note that this is not information in relation to your VoIP.ms account.


You can then press Create and you will be prompted with the following screen, which you simply need to press Configure SIP Accounts under First Steps.

Configure SIP Accounts

  • In the SIP Accounts (settings section), fill in the information according to your account
    • Account Name: John Smith (your name or description)
    • Domain: One of VoIP.ms multiple servers, you can choose the one closest to your location
    • Username: Your Main account or sub account username (six digit number) E.G 123456 / 123456_XX (the underscore has to be used for sub-accounts)
    • Password: The password you set for the account / sub account
    • Click on Save button

Add SIP Accounts

  • Your softphone is ready to make calls

  • Click on Dial button
  • Type your destination phone number and press Dial

Ready to make calls

Ready to make calls

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