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MizuDroid is an unlocked VoIP softphone for Android mobile phones and tablets based on open standards, compatible with all VoIP providers, software and devices using the SIP protocol. Initiate and receive free or low-cost international calls via your preferred VoIP providers, PBX or your own SIP server. Mizudroid will deliver the best possible call quality for your environment by automatically adapting to your device/network/server and peers capabilities, ranging from HD audio to low bandwidth codecs and fine tuned media parameters.

This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

  - Consider that Mizudroid is a free App, thus their technical Support is limited. Their Support documentation can be found here: Mizudroid Support
  - VoIP.ms provides Support just for issues related to the service and not the App itself.
  - This guide is meant to provide guidance on how to get the best configuration for the App, however, its functionally is not guaranteed by VoIP.ms.
  - Mizudroid offers Push Notifications, however, its functionality is not 100% reliable.
  - The only way to always get inbound calls and messages is by enabling "Run In Background". Bear in mind this requires a higher battery usage.



To register the App you only need some basic settings like your SIP Account username (Main or Sub), the password of this and the VoIP.ms server of your choice. However, in this guide, we will also include some advanced settings that will help get the best configuration for this App.

You can see the list of servers in this Wiki Article >> Choosing a Sever

General Configuration

Once you have installed the App, if it's the first time you open this you'll be prompted with a "Login" screen where you will need to enter your VoIP.ms SIP account information. This can be from your Main Account or from a Sub-Account. Set these as follows:

  • Server: The VoIP.ms Server of your choice (E.g. atlanta1.voip.ms).
  • Username: Your Main or Sub-Account username (E.g. 100000 or 100000_MySubAccount).
  • Password: The password of the account that you're trying to register.

MizuDroid Basic Settings.png

Advanced Settings

Apart from the settings mentioned above, you can tap on the option Advanced that is at the end. This will display another set of options that are optional but can be useful. These can be set as follows:

  • Proxy: Same as the Server setting or leave it blank.
  • Transport protocol: It can be set as "Auto", "UDP" or "TCP" (For TLS please refer to the "Encryption Settings" of this guide: Call Encryption).
  • Display Name:* Here you can set your Name, Company Name or blank (If set, please note this only works for calls to Canada if using the Premium route).
  • Auth Username: Same as the Username or leave it blank.
  • Realm: You can set the server or leave it blank

  - We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will appear more clearly/visible on some devices.
  - You must NOT use any special characters, they will not be displayed. 
  - Do not exceed 15 characters max! Some of the regular Canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters. We suggest shrinking or adapting your caller ID. 
  - Spaces are allowed in a caller ID name.

Once you have set up everything here, tap on the menu button and tap on Save Settings. Your account will after this.

 It is also recommended go to the Advanced Settings after the App is registered and set the option Register Interval to 120 seconds to keep the registration alive.
 MizuDroid also offers Push Notifications, however, some users have suggested this does not always work when in background and to better enable Run In Background instead.
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