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Connecting the Mediatrix device to your network

The Mediatrix C7 and Mediatrix 4100 series have two Ethernet ports:

If the Power LED is on, the device has an IP address, in such case:

If the Power LED is blinking, the unit has not received an IP address.

Connecting to the Mediatrix GUI for the first time

Using your favorite web browser from a computer on the same network, open the IP address the device got from the DHCP server.Example:


Setting the server FQDN

Mediatrix SIP servers menu.png

Restarting required services

After setting the servers in the SIP --> Servers sub-menu a services restart is required in order to correctly apply the new parameters:

Mediatrix restart services.png

Enabling the telephony ports registration

    Depending on the model and the number of lines, you may configure 1 to 24 ports

Mediatrix credentials 01.png

Setting the credentials

Mediatrix credentials 02.png

Setting the the Auto-Routing to support username format

Mediatrix Call Router 01.png

Validating that the Call Router is correctly set

Mediatrix Call Router 02.png

Disabling G.711 a-law codec (North America)

Mediatrix Codecs Setup.png

Setting Dial Patterns (DTMF Maps)

In order to be able to use feature codes (e.g. *97 for voicemail), the proper DTMF map must be added to the Mediatrix configuration.


Setting a time server

If your DHCP server does not provide an SNTP Server, you can configure it manually.

Mediatrix SNTP Server.png

Reference material

You can always refer to the Mediatrix official guides to correctly set your unit:

Specific Technical Bulletins:

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