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Once you have DID numbers in your account, you will have to edit their default settings in order to receive/forward/route the incoming calls the way you need to. To do this you need to access the "Manage DID(s)" option from the "DID Numbers" menu tab.


Following there is a general screen where you will be able to see all the DID numbers in your account. Here you will see different keywords and icons that you may not be familiar with, however you can get a quick description of each one of them by clicking on the "Help" icon at the top right of the page.


Now, if you need to access the options to edit a single DID, the easiest way is to click on the little "Paper and pencil" icon.


The first and Main section you will see, is the "DID Routing" section, which may or may not have all the options available, this simply depends on which features you have already enabled from your portal, that is, if you have not created a Voicemail, you wont be able to select this option and apply it to a DID.

This is basically the route the call will take, when someone calls to the DID. Whatever you select here, is the route the call will follow and will apply for all the calls.

In order to select an option, you need to click on the radio button, and then select the desired choice from the drop-down list (in case you have more than one option for that routing).


Next, we see the additional and mostly optional settings for the DID.

This allows you to set a customized routing when the call reaches 1 of the 3 Call states, instead of just going to the Voicemail.

Manage DID2.jpg

Remember that none of these changes will be saved until you press the "Click here to apply changes settings" button.

Editing Multiple DIDs at a time

There are 2 additional buttons you will see when you access the Manage DID option from the menu, those are "Edit Selection - All settings at Once" and "Edit Selection - One Setting at a Time"

"Edit Selection - All settings at Once", if you choose this option, you will enter an Edition page, the way the settings on this page end, is the exact way the settings will be applied to all the DIDs selected for edition. Be careful, as the final settings from the Edition page will be applied exactly as you see them, even those settings you did not change, will be replaced for the final configuration of the Edition page. That is if you select a Voicemail, all the DIDs will use the same Voicemail, if you leave a blank field like the "Caller ID prefix", all of the DIDs will have this setting blank. This option is useful if you want all your DIDs with the exact same configuration for each one of the settings, including the NOTE.

"Edit Selection - One Setting at a Time", this option allows you to access the Edition page, but this time, every setting will have its own independent "Apply" button, so you can make a change to a specific setting, without affecting the rest. This option is useful if you already have your DIDs configured with different settings, and you need to set only a specific setting for all of them. By doing it this way, the rest of the settings from the DIDs will remain untouched.

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