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With the addition of Multimedia Message Service (MMS) to the service, users are now capable of sending and receiving media files (photos, videos, and audio) as well as sending text messages with more than 160 characters (which is the limit for an SMS). The MMS service also allows the user to send a message to multiple recipients at the same time.

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Benefits of SMS/MMS Campaigns vs. Email Marketing

Service Limitations

Note: Please notice that the MMS service is in the Beta phase.
It is important to us that you report any issues with this service by sending an email to support so that the developers can
get involved if necessary.

MMS Messages have a cost of $0.02 per incoming and outgoing message.

  • The limit of the capacity to send SMS/MMS via the portal is unlimited.
  • The limit of sending SMS/MMS via the API is limited to 100 per day. For any modification to the limit, please contact support or open a ticket via the customer portal.
  • The MMS Service is only available for US and Canadian local DID Numbers marked with the distinctive SMS/MMS Icon.
  • The MMS Service can only be used to send MMS Messages to Canadian and US 10 digit numbers at this time.
  • At the moment, receiving and reading MMS is only possible through the message center or by using the SMS/MMS Forward option. MMS through SIP protocol is not available.
  • reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit or disable the MMS service from any account that may present marketing patterns/automation patterns/bulk sending or receiving.
  • We cannot guarantee that accents or special characters including non-Latin letters will be properly delivered.
  • Public URL shorteners such as,, etc, are widely restricted by mobile providers as a response from the industry to combat SPAM campaigns and protect the consumer. Including this type of links into your messages may result in a blocked or undelivered message.
  • For Ported In Numbers compatible with the feature: The MMS Functionality will be available up to 48 hours after the porting process is marked as Completed.
Additionally, please note of the following restrictions for sending MMS:
• Permitted attachment types are JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4 and 3GP
• The maximum size for each attachment is 1300 KB
• You can attach up to 3 files
• Maximum characters in a text message is 2048

If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact the Support Staff on the Live Chat or Ticket System.

Identifying a MMS DID Number

The first thing you need to know is that this feature is only available for local US and Canadian numbers at this time. You will note that some numbers have a little Sms-mms-icon.png icon, this indicates that the number supports this feature.

You can start ordering a DID Number from your portal >> DID Numbers >> Order DID >> Local Numbers >> (US or Canada) Numbers and you will be able to purchase your desired number, just make sure it supports the MMS feature.


Configuring the MMS service

Once purchased the MMS Service needs to be activated on the DID settings, from your portal >> DID Numbers >> Manage DID >> Edit Selection >> SMS/MMS configuration section.

In that section, you can activate and configure some forward options for the SMS/MMS service.


Sending a MMS (Web Interface)

Step 1

Click the "send New Message" button to get a list of contacts displayed or directly type in the number into the contact text field. If this number is registered in the phonebook, it will display its name instead.


Step 2

Click to display the list of available DID numbers. Choose the number to send the message from.


Step 3

Write your message on the text field and click the red arrow to send it. Text messages up to 160 characters will be considered SMS. Media messages or text messages over 160 characters will be considered MMS and you will see the icon turning from SMS to MMS indicating of this.


Step 4

In order to send a media file over an MMS, click the clip button to browse and choose a media file.


Click the browse button to search for the media file in your computer or drag and drop the file directly into the box.


The attached files will show below the text box.


Once the message is sent, a new conversation will be opened on the left. Selecting this conversation will show the messages history on the box.


Receiving an MMS (Web Interface)

While SMS messages can be received directly in an App through the SIP Protocol and correct configuration, at the moment, receiving and reading MMS is only possible through the message center.

You can access the communication center from your customer portal at DID numbers > SMS / MMS Message Center. Any message received will appear here on the left side of the panel.

Use the DID Filter to choose and display messages for a specific DID number or for all DID numbers. You can also filter the messages by date and time zone.


Choose a conversation from the left panel. An option to delete the conversation is also available. Choose the DID number from the text box to reply.

MMS-Inbound DELETE.png
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