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Juniper SRX240

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The Juniper SRX Series services gateways provide a hardware firewall platform for installation in Internet data centres.


Because of a NAT persistence need in the Juniper SRX series, in order to get VOIP calls to run properly, you need to get a few things done.
1. Make sure you have disabled SIP ALG before beginning.
2. In the CLI run "set security nat source interface port-overloading off" without the quotes.
3. You need to enable nat persistance in the srx's source nat transaltion config. This can be done via the gui too.
Config output from CLI example:

nat {
        source {
            interface {
                port-overloading off;
            rule-set trust-to-untrust {
                from zone trust;
                to zone untrust;
                rule source-nat-rule {
                    match {
                    then {
                        source-nat {
                            interface {
                                persistent-nat {
                                    permit any-remote-host;
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