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International Calls

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In this entry we will discuss International Calls. Within VoIP.MS we consider "International" calls that ends to numbers outside US48 and Canada.

Placing Calls

When you try to reach an International Number, you must follow these instructions:

In your account you will be able to choose from 2 different dialing modes (Customer Portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> General.)

    - North America (NANPA): You'll need to use the 00 or 011 prefix to call international numbers.
    - E164 : You dial numbers by using country code first, you don't need to send the 00 or 011 prefix to call international numbers. 

  • Account settings
  • International's dialing mode
  • Please be sure International calls are enabled on your account, to enable them ( Go to your Customer Portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> Account Restrictions).
    - Please select the option "Yes - International Calls Enabled"
International call enabled/disabled

  • If you want to place an International Call, make sure that you are properly dialing the number.
 * International Call : 00 or 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number 
                -011 - US exit code; must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA or Canada
                     - country code 
                     - area code - 2 - 3 digit area codes (if it's required)
                     - phone number - 7 - 8 digits; area code + number total 10 digits


If your International Call does not connect, please trying doing this:

  • Verify that you have Allowed the call to this country (Customer Portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> Account Restrictions).

  • Account restrictions
  • Allow Calls to Countries

  • Try reaching this number with our Value or Premium route ( Customer Portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> Account Routing).

International value / premium

  • Trying with 033 and 044 (Value and Premium Prefix) E.G 044+ Your Number.

  • Make sure you are sending a valid 10 digit CallerID number, for main account: ( Customer Portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> General Tab, CallerID Number) for a sub account: ( Customer Portal >> Sub Accounts >> Manage Sub Accounts >> Edit, CallerID Number)

  • Check in our "Rates" section for the number. Please note there are some numbers that can't be reached by our network. Go to your Customer Portal >> Rates >> Check Rates Online and search by Country or Prefix.

  • Please note that International Toll Free numbers cannot be reached from our service.

  • If you are using a PBX you will probably need to review your outbound routes and dial plan in the PBX or Asterisk system.

  • If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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