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Is your Account in Positive Stand?

By looking into your customer portal home page, you will see your current balance. If it is at $0 or in negative, this will not allow you to receive or make calls. Make sure that your balance is always in positive


Is your Device Registered?

Also on the portal home page, you can see if your main account or sub accounts are registered.

* If the indicator is in red, this means that you are not registered.
* If the indicator is in green and showing the server you are registering to, this means it is well registered.


If you have not yet configured your device, this will be your next step so that incoming calls as well as outgoing calls start working with our service.

* For softphone configurations, click here
* For ATA and IP phones configurations, click here
* For PBX servers and the like, click here

Does your DID Have the Right Point of Presence and Routing?

Under DID Numbers, Manage DIDs, you will see all of your DID numbers with their current routing and point of presence.

Make sure your DID number reflects the right routing and that it is on the same point of presence that your device(s) is registering to.


Do you Have the Right Type of Device and Protocol Selected to Receive Calls?

Under Main Menu, Account Settings, Inbound Settings, you have 2 options available:

* Protocol for Inbound Calls
* Device Type

Protocol for Inbound Calls

* SIP: SIP is the most commonly used protocol nowadays and is suggested to leave as is, unless you are absolutely sure you are not using this protocol.
* IAX2: IAX2 is a protocol usually available for PBXes and Asterisk. Change it to this protocol if you are sure you are registering your trunk with this protocol.

Device Type You are able to select between 2 options:

* ATA device, IP Phone or Softphone
* IP PBX Server, Asterisk or Softswitch

Depending on the equipment you have connected to your account, you will need to configure this setting accordingly. The same setting can be found while modifying your sub account.


Are you Connected Properly?

* Behind your ATA device, are you connected into the right line?
* Is your IP phone connected properly?
* Have you tried rebooting your device, softphone or server?
* Have you tried a different device or registering a different softphone to see if the issue persists?

Issue is Persisting

Please do contact our technical support:

* By creating a ticket,
* Emailing us at [email protected]
* via Live Chat.
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