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Google Voice

In this wiki, we will show you how to port your Google Voice Number to With these steps you will be able to unlock your number and initiate the porting process.

NOTE: Your Google Voice Number needs to be unlocked. Google may charge a small fee depending 
if it was a new number attributed by them or if your number was initialy ported to them.

1. In order to unlock your Google Voice Number, you will need to go to the Google Voice Unlock page through this link:

Port Google Voice Number Unlock url.png

2. You will need to select your Google Voice number that you would like to unlock. Then, press the button [Unlock my number].

Port Google Voice Number Unlock Google Voice number.png

3. A popup will appear to explain some useful information. Then, you will need to click on the button [CONTINUE].

Port Google Voice Number Unlock Google Voice number Accept Fees.png

4. If payment is needed, you will need to fill the required information and then press [BUY].

Port Google Voice Number Unlock Google Voice number Payment.png

5. When the payment is processed successfully you will receive your Google order number and a receipt will be emailed to you.

Port Google Voice Number Unlock Google Voice number PaymentSuccess.png

6. Now, your number should be unlocked. When you return to the unlock Google page, you will see your number with an "unlocked" status next to it.

Port Google Voice Number Unlock Google Voice number Unlocked.png

7. You must take a screenshot of this page, print it and hand sign it in a blank page with the date. Then, take a clear picture of it or simply scan your hand-signed screenshot.

Be sure that the screenshot is clear and you are able to see the text clearly with the "unlocked" mention as well as your signature.

8. Once it's done, you will need to validate your Google "Voicemail" password. The needed Port-out PIN number is your voicemail password by default. You can change this in your Google Voice account settings. The Password PIN Number will be needed to port your number and you will need to add this in the 'comment' box of your porting process.

9. Finally, initiate a "Local United States" Porting order. To do so, first, you must access your customer portal, then go to "DID Portability" menu and click the "DID Numbers" tab of the navigation bar.

Port Google Voice Number Initiate Port.png.png
NOTE: Your account number will be your 10-digit Google Voice phone number that you will be porting, without any characters and parentheses.
      In the step where an invoice must be uploaded, you will need to upload your hand-signed screenshot. 
      Then, in the 'comments' box, indicate "PORT OUT PIN: " with your Google Voice Voicemail number.
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