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How to Leverage Sequences Feature

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How to Leverage Sequences Feature

Sequences is an enhanced IVR feature offered by that allows you to combine DTMF, voice recordings and SMS messages in a pre-defined order. The combination is executed in the specified order to achieve a desired result, which can be, for example, a sequence that enables a door to be opened automatically.

Sequence Scenario

In the modern world, there are more and more situations that require a visitor to press specific digits on the entry box to get access to a building or home which can definitely be done with a VoIP system. Thus, when a visitor presses the button it will trigger a call from the box... directly to the DID number.
When used for this type of scenario, an IVR can be set up in a way that when the visitor rings, he or she will hear a recording from the IVR to input his IVR choice through the keypad on the box and the sequence feature will be triggered. The sequence may then play a welcome recording to the visitor and send specific digits to the box, which will trigger the door to open. If the building or house owner chooses so, he or she could configure the final step to receive a SMS to be alerted that a visitor has been given access to enter.

How to Leverage the Feature

Controlling access to a secure area is one of the most common uses of the Sequence feature. In fact, the Sequence feature gives the user the flexibility and customization to fit their requirement, it is a great way to add extra security and to keep a close eye on who enters certain areas within a building or the entire building itself.
A sequence may be personalized to respond exactly to a customer’s request by creating any combination to achieve the desired result. This allows the Sequence feature to be used to its full potential. This makes it useful to enhance building/home security, and monitoring access to specific areas.
Sequences can thus benefit residential and/or businesses with different needs and scenarios. For more information on how to set up the Sequence Feature, visit our Wiki article here.


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