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How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Custom Music on Hold?

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How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Custom Music on Hold?

How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Custom Music on Hold?

The advancement in VoIP technology has changed the way businesses communicate internally and externally with other parties. The enhanced feature offerings of VoIP systems allow your business to accomplish more as compared to the old legacy phone system. One such feature is Custom Music on Hold (MOH) that allows your business to operate more efficiently while improving the overall customer experience.

In this article, we will discuss music on hold and how it can improve your customer experience.

What is Music on Hold?

Think of music on hold as a feature to fill the silence when the caller is placed on hold. When the customer is waiting on the line, music is played to keep them entertained, engaged, and informed. As soon as the call resumes, the music will stop, and the customers will be able to speak with one of your employees.

In addition to soothing music, your business can also play voice messages for those who are on hold. These voice messages can serve as a medium for providing information to the person on hold. For instance, your business can provide details about office location, working hours, promotions and discount coupons, frequently asked questions, and any other special announcements that you want your customers to know.

Benefits of Music on Hold

There are several benefits of using VoIP music on hold feature for your business. Some of these include:

1. Rather than an awkward silence, the caller gets to hear soothing music.

2. It helps in boosting the brand image.

3. It helps to ensure that the caller is connected for a longer duration.

4. Ability to choose from a wide range of music.

5. It helps in improving customer experience.

Now that you know the benefits of music on hold, you might be thinking about how it can help in improving the customer experience. Let us see how.

Improving Customer Experience with Custom Music on Hold

First and foremost, through music on hold you are telling the callers that they are not forgotten. Often the caller feels that they are not important when you put them on hold. Therefore, the availability of music on hold displays an attitude of care and attentiveness towards the caller. Moreover, music on hold greatly affects the overall mood of the caller as opposed to the monotony of silence which can lead them to wear out and hang up the call.

With music on hold, your business can also add custom messages as discussed above. However, these voice messages should be carefully crafted to ensure that they interest the callers as they wait for the call to connect. This will improve the likelihood of a productive conversation when your employee finally answers. Apart from this, music on hold will ensure that the caller is not getting bored. It will reduce caller complaints regarding long wait times.

Final Thoughts

Music on hold is a great way to leave the right impression of your business to its callers. If your business is not already using this feature, offers a custom music on hold functionality to improve the experience of your customers.


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