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Here you will find a diversified gathering of How To Guides that can help you in achieving what you need to do with services.


How to Create an Account

You can create an account for free. Just follow this link Signup and you will access the sign up page. Please enter the correct information required and click on submit. After signing up you will receive an email to confirm your email address and validate the account.

Remember to check in your Spam/Junk Mail folder to ensure you received the email, if not, contact at from the email on your account 
and this can also be used to confirm your email address.


Once you have done this, have in mind what exactly you want to do with your service. When you log in for the first time it will be important to check the Account Settings so you can get familiar with the options offered to configure your line.

How To Add Funds

In order to use services for sending and receiving calls, you will need to add funds to your account. Please note this is a pre-paid service. The amount added will be reflected in the Account Balance. Please look for this option under the "Finances" link on the menu bar in your Customer Portal here Add Funds.


Adding funds is a simple procedure, click on Finances --> Add Funds in the customer portal. Make a payment with any of the available payment options such as Credit Card or Paypal. The minimum amount to add is $25 USD. Contact staff for the information needed to send a payment using Western Union or a Bank Wire.

You can also monitor your existing account balance, to monitor your expenses please visit the following article calculate my expenses

Remember that with, the inbound and outbound calls are charged separately. For example, if you take a US DID number (for receiving calls), the cost can be $0.99 a month and $0.01 per minute. All of your outbound calls will still be charged as per the Termination Rates. For example, calling a US48 number is $0.0105 per minute.

How to See if your Number is Portable to our Service

There are several ways to see if your number is portable to our Network.

1) You can create an account for Free then after you login to your Customer Portal you can go to your Customer Portal> DID Numbers> DID Portability here DID Portability and Click on the appropriate Check Availability Link.

2) You can Join us in Live Chat and the technician on your chat can check for you.

3) If you have multiple numbers to check you can send an email to listing the complete numbers, you would like support to check for you, and they will promptly respond back to you on the portability of your numbers.

How to Check an Outbound Termination Rate / Per Minute Rate

You want to know how much you will pay when calling to a specific number? You need to visit the Rates Section in the customer portal, and you have some fields that will make your search quicker:



With us the INCOMING and OUTGOING calls are charged and handled SEPARATELY, the incoming calls are charged depending on the plan of the DID 
and the outgoing calls will be charged always per minute depending on the termination of the calls

Also note that is not necessary to have a DID to start placing outgoing calls, a DID number is meant for receive calls only and by registering correctly your device 
you can start making calls.
In order to receive calls properly the registration server and the POP of the DID number must match, i.e. If your device/softphone is registered to 
the POP of the DID must have the Point of Presense to Dallas as well.
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