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Grandstream HandyTone 286

The HandyTone 286 manual can be found here.

Configuration Details

STEP 1 - Connect your router with the supplied Ethernet network cable to the HandyTone. Now connect your phone to the HandyTone. Finally plug the supplied power cable into the HandyTone.

STEP 2 - Wait 60 seconds after plugging your HandyTone in.

STEP 3 - Pick up the phone connected to the HandyTone and dial the * key on your phone 3 times (* * *).

STEP 4 - Have a pen and paper ready. You will hear a message - "Enter a menu option", then enter 0 2 on your phone. You will now hear a message giving you the IP address of your HandyTone such as - "" write this number down.

STEP 5 - Open a web browser on your computer such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address you heard in step 4 as the address (I.E. where you would normally enter Please note: some browsers will require you to remove leading zero's ( 0 's ) in the IP address. For example if you heard "" you should change this to "".

STEP 6 - You should now see a page that looks like this:

Gstream login.gif

STEP 7 - Enter the password for the HandyTone in the password field. The default administrator password for the HandyTone is "admin" (without quotes).

STEP 8 - After entering the password you should see a screen that looks roughly like this:

Gstream config ht286.gif

Step 9 - Click on Account 1 to configure your first line.

Step 10 - Fill the followings fields.

Message Waiting Indicator

To enable this feature with your Grandstream HandyTone 286 you need to associate a voicemail with the account (or subaccount) you have registered in the device and set the SUBSCRIBE for MWI option to YES.

Known Issues

When the device hangs up the call after 17-20 minutes into the call.

In both FXS and FXO config pages change these values:

UAC Specify refresher: UAS

UAS Specify refresher: UAS

Force INVITE: Yes

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